Missionaries - Trans World Radio Canada


Missionaries are a vital part of TWR Canada's mission to reach the world for Christ using media. They keep our regional offices functioning through support functions, they maintain towers and transmitters and most importantly, they enlist supporters from across Canada to pray for the ministry. Learn more about what our missionaries do, or how you can join us.


Edouard Boccoz

 Édouard Boccoz joined TWR Canada in February of 2021. Édouard is a change management consultant for the TWR International office.

Greg and Ingrid Clarke

 Greg and Ingrid Clarke are missionaries with TWR in eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland). Greg is the Station Director and Ingrid is the Finance Manager for the eSwatini office.

Vincent and Trina Collet

 Vincent and Trina Collet are serving in Lyon, France with TWR Canada and Radio Colombe. They will be in Canada on furlough for the summer of 2021 connecting with supporters and churches.

Nathan and Megan Dunlop
 Nathan and Megan Dunlop are missionaries with TWR in South Africa.  The Dunlop family returned to South Africa in January of 2021 for another term of service after an extended furlough in Canada because of the pandemic.
Richard and Carol Hawkins
 Richard and Carol Hawkins served with TWR for 23 years in the Netherlands.  They returned to Canada in September of 2016.  Rick retired from TWR in Janaury of 2017.  Carol continues to serve with TWR at the London office working as the Office Representative.
Jeremy and Heidi Mullin
 Jeremy currently serves at the TWR Canada office in London, Ontario as the IT/IS Administrator and Special Projects Technician.
Henry and Anna Penner
 The Penners are serving with RTM (TWR) Bolivia where they assist the team with the Low German ministry.
McDaniel and Blossom Phillips
 McDaniel serves with TWR Canada in London, Ontario as the Discipleship Essentials Ministry Ambassador.
Steve Shantz
 Steve and Barbara moved from Cary, NC to Saint John, New Brunswick in the fall of 2017.  Steve continues to serve with TWR as Vice President of Latin American Ministry.
Julia Schindeler

 Julia Schindeler serves with TWR Canada as Special Projects, Assistant to the President. She is a Canadian-based missionary and works from her home in Toronto. 

William Tsui
 William works in Canada as the Director of TWR Canada's China Ministry. William oversees Seminary on the Air (SOTA) a Christian seminary training program as well as church leadership development.
 Tony is the Director of TWR Canada's Persian Ministry.  He and his coworkers produce Gospel radio programs that are broadcast by shortwave radio, Internet and satellite to the Persian-Speaking World.
Mark and Debbie Blosser

Mark and Debbie have been serving with TWR for over 35 years.  They are retired now but continue to be a part of TWR by giving of their time as volunteers assisting the HR team. 


Jonathan Griffiths
Jonathan began serving with TWR in 1993 and continues to remain closely connected with the TWR ministry through his multi-media agency MEDIA524. Jonathan and his family live in Vienna, Austria.
Garth and Fiona Kennedy

The Kennedys have been with TWR since 2002 and are currently serving in West Africa.

HyunJung Lee

HyunJung Lee is a part-time Administrative Assistant with the TWR Europe Media Services Department in Barneveld, Netherlands.

Mark Pallant

Mark Pallant has recently been appointed to serve with TWR. Mark is raising support to serve as the site engineer for TWR on the island of Bonaire.

Bob and Claire Rothrock

Bob and Claire have been with TWR for over 25 years. They recently moved to North America and will be continuing to serve with the TWR International office in Cary, NC. 

Steve and Lorraine Stavropoulos

Steve and Lorraine serve with TWR in eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland). 

Paul and Jan Stobbe

Paul and Jan Stobbe are serving in Cary, North Carolina.  They have been with TWR for over 25 years.  Paul is the Ministry Services Director, and Jan is involved in several local ministries. 

Daryl and Carol VanDyken

The VanDykens have been with TWR since 1988 and are currently serving on the island of Cyprus. 

Craig Slater

Craig and Kris joined TWR in May 2021, coming to TWR from The Navigators. Craig is stepping into the role of Deputy to the President and will serve alongside TWR’s international president as part of the leadership team. 

John Lundy
John Lundy has recently been appointed to serve with TWR. John is raising support to serve with TWR's US-based marketing and communications team in Cary, North Carolina.
Ron and Carol Green
Ron and Carol serve with the TWR Strategic Initiatives and Partnership team.
Stephen and Teresa Murray

Stephen and Teresa Murray are preparing to serve with TWR in South Africa in the fall of 2021. Stephen will be filling the role of Director of Technical Services and Teresa will be providing Member Care for the staff and team.