Trans World Radio Canada - Missionaries
Greg and Ingrid Clarke
Greg and Ingrid Clarke are missionaries with TWR in Swaziland. Greg is the Office Manager and IT Administrator and Ingrid is the Finance Manager for the Swaziland office.
Henry and Anna Penner

The Penners are serving with RTM (TWR) Bolivia where they assist the team with the Low German ministry. 

Jeremy and Heidi Mullin
Jeremy currently serves at the TWR Canada office in London, Ontario as the IT/IS Administrator and Special Projects Technician.
Jonathan Griffiths

Jonathan is a missionary with TWR in Vienna, Austria.  He is the Director of the Specialized Content Department. 

Kevin and Lynn Baker

Kevin and Lynn Baker are career missionaries serving on the island of Bonaire. Kevin assists the rigging team and general maintenance and Lynn assists the hospitality team and administration. 

Kirk Baskin

Kirk Baskin served with TWR Canada at the Africa Regional Office doing media production, web development, and staff training. 

McDaniel and Blossom Phillips

McDaniel serves with TWR Canada in London, Ontario overseeing the development of a discipleship training program call Discipleship Essentials.

Nathan and Megan Dunlop

Nathan and Megan Dunlop completed a short-term assignment in South Africa early 2014 to late 2015. They returned to South Africa in January 2017 after being in Canada raising the needed support to go back as career missionaries.

Paul and Jan Stobbe

Paul and Jan Stobbe are serving in Cary, North Carolina.  They have been with TWR for over 25 years.  Paul is the Ministry Services Director, and Jan is involved in several local ministries. 

Ray and Sandra Alary
Ray and Sandra Alary joined TWR in 1985.  In 2009 Ray and Sandra moved from South Africa to Canada at which time Ray became the President of TWR Canada.