Stories of Hope

Thanks to the life-transforming financial and prayer support from people like you, we hear on a daily basis how media is having an impact on our audience. We thank God for stories like this, and we hope they are an encouragement to you!

Impact from around the world

Jesus is the Answer

Jesus Has Set Me Free

"Hello servant of God! I would like to thank you for the help you offered me by praying for me to stop the sins I used to commit. Now I have confessed and repented. I have given up my sinfulness. I am saved and I am proud that Jesus has set me free. Thank you for your prayers and support. God bless you for the program and the prayer you prayed for me. Glory be to the God, the Almighty!"

God's Unique Book

It is a Great Program

"I've been listening to this program for a long time. It is a great program. When we face difficult situations, God has encouraged us through this program. Thank you for your ministry."

Persian Ministry

I Have a Deep Peace

"Your radio programs are very interesting to me! I have been familiar with Christianity for a few years, but I never had any education. I only followed Christianity through Facebook and other programs. Then, I was acquainted with your programs and radio, as well as your website and YouTube through Facebook. I started to follow the programs, and I grew a lot, and I have a deep peace. Thank you very much for your love."

Media Players

Lifted My Spirit

“Believers brought me a radio. Listening to the Word of God lifted my spirit. I took my radio to my relatives who live in a neighbouring town and we listen to it together every day.”

How Are You Out There?

Special To Me

"Thank you for your ministry. I listened to and watched the stories of Christians and the church in my city during the war. This episode is special to me. May God bless you."

Against the Current

Women With Dignity

"Thank you for making us think and challenging us to be women with dignity."

Discipleship Essentials

Humility and Patience

"I listened to the Discipleship Essentials program and learned about humility and patience."

Bible Stories Alive

Learning the Word of God

“I listen to this program every Saturday. I always look forward to learning the Word of God through stories, poems and Bible verses shared by my peers.” 

Voice of Truth

Embracing True Forgiveness

"Since I’m Roma, I especially liked that Edijan is also Roma and that he explains the Scriptures in a way that is very understandable for us. He helped me understand, in a personal way, that our Muslim background can prevent us from seeing what Christ did on the cross. It can prevent us from embracing true forgiveness and salvation through his grace.”
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