Stories of Hope

Thanks to the life-transforming financial and prayer support from people like you, we hear on a daily basis how media is having an impact on our audience. We thank God for stories like this, and we hope they are an encouragement to you!

Impact from around the world

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The Teaching Was Wonderful

“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to attend this training. I knew some things about Jesus, but here I have been taught about Jesus thoroughly. Now I can teach others who Jesus is, why he came, what he has done for us and where he is now. The teaching was wonderful."

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North Macedonia

I Gave My Life to Christ

“I heard from a friend about Christ, the only Savior. She told me I could listen to The Voice of Truth on the radio. As I wanted to know more about Christ and the Bible, I started listening to the program. Many things that were not clear to me became clearer. I gave my life to Christ. I really feel like I was born again, like my eyes opened. I am happy and grateful because God's great love and mercy have taken me out of the spiritual darkness that I was in.”

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Exactly Like the Bible

"I love the program so much. I know the program is for children, but I love the lessons and the lady who presents it does it in a very good way. The stories are exactly the way they are in the Bible and it feels like I am reading through the whole Bible since we began in Genesis." 

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Persian-speaking World

Blessings and Joy

"God bless you! Thank you for your wonderful Bible study! God changed me and I am a believer now. And my life is full of blessings and joy because of your radio programs. Thank you very much and may God bless you."

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Gave His Heart to Jesus

"I am so thankful to God for the provision of an audio player with the content in Bhojpuri. I have been listening to the study at home and my family would join me, although my husband was not a Christian. However, recently, my husband, who was a terrible person, was touched by the Word of God and he gave his heart to Jesus."

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It Was Very Helpful

"I listened to your program about dysfunctional families and it was very helpful for my wife and I. The biblical example you used about the family of Joseph was very good and helpful. We listened to your program on a local radio station."

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Gives Me Hope

"Sometimes, I feel so lonely, discouraged and isolated. But, I know that Jesus is with me. This radio program always gives me hope and courage to face any situation. It nourishes my soul and spirit."

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The Answer to My Problems

"Praise the Lord. I like Jesus is the Answer. It has helped me greatly because as I listened to the testimonies of different people in this program, I decided to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior and he became the answer to my problems."  

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Sri Lanka

Peace and Relief

"I am a Christian and this is the first time I listened to this program. This is a very good program. There are many false teachings about Jesus’ death among Buddhists and this program is a very good answer for those wrong teachings. I shared what I have learned through this program with some of my Buddhist friends and this is the first time they also heard a deep teaching about Christ’s death."

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