Stories of Hope

Thanks to the life-transforming financial and prayer support from people like you, we hear on a daily basis how media is having an impact on our audience. We thank God for stories like this, and we hope they are an encouragement to you!

Impact from around the world

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Strong Faith

"Discipleship Essentials changed my lifestyle. Now I have strong faith in Jesus Christ. Personally, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour through the Discipleship Essentials teaching. Today, I am using DE in my family and church."

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Makes Jesus Real

"To hear the Word of God in your heart language makes Jesus real in a language that we can understand, feel and share with the community."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Planting Seeds

"We are so  amazed when younger children answer some questions which parents don’t know. This shows how God is surely working and planting seeds through this program. May the Lord bless you for such a wonderful program which is impacting life of many little children." 

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Persian-speaking World

Important Media

"I am happy and grateful because Jesus is my Lord now! Your radio station is one of the most important media in my life. You helped me to understand the Bible and now I am a Christian; I have a Father in heaven. God bless you." 

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The Path to Christ

"I became aware of Christ through this radio program. I was really inspired by the messages and they showed me the path to Christ. Initially, I had problems with my parents in my quest for God, to the point that they used to beat me and try to force me to give up on Jesus. But during my struggling days, the love of God and teaching from the radio program really helped me. That is the only reason that I am still in Christ."

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Lively Storytelling

“I listened to the stories with my grandchildren and they love them. The stories are very lively and clear. The storytelling is filled with emotion and excitement, and it really attracts the attention of the children. It is very suitable for them. Thank God for the love from brothers and sisters, this is a lot of hard work. May God bless you all.”                                                                        

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The Joy of my Life

"I am man who has all kinds of sorrow and difficulties. But the joy of my life is listening to the radio program. I love to listen to the radio program because it is in my own language. Since I learned of the program I have never ever missed listening to my program. Through this program I came to know about Jesus Christ."  

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Opened My Mind

"I want to thank you so much for these powerful teachings. This program has opened my mind to Bible knowledge. Please pray for me to be able to teach the Bible to others."    

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Sri Lanka

Peace and Relief

"I was frustrated and going through a very difficult time but I didn't know why. I don’t like to listen to the radio because the programs and songs confuse us. I accidentally came across your program when I was tuning the radio and praise God! I felt a great peace and relief after listening to your program. That Word encouraged me."

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