Stories of Hope

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Impact from around the world

Bible Stories Alive

Loving Jesus More and More

"The Bible stories are inspiring. They have taught me to love Jesus more and more."

Discipleship Essentials

Faithful in a Turbulent World

"After listening to the Discipleship Essentials broadcast today, I have just one prayer to my God: may he help me to be better for him and for my neighbour. It is not easy to remain faithful in a turbulent world and to practice brotherly love. But God does not change! His grace remains always."

God's Unique Book

Understanding Jesus' Sacrifice

"I am from another faith and I have a habit of listening to the radio. Your program is good. I learned a very important lesson about how Jesus was crucified and how painful it was. I understood about his sacrifice through this program."

Against the Current

The Best and Wisest Book

"Good afternoon! This is a message for the program Against the Current. I listen to it always. Every week I like it more and more! Thanks to both of you for challenging us each week to meditate on the best and wisest book, the Word of God! Let's seek his wisdom to enjoy his favour every day. A special greeting to each of you."

Media Players

The Love of the Father

“Hello. I was going through a time of feeling alone and resenting my brothers and sisters in the community. And this radio came to my rescue just in time. I felt the special love of my Heavenly Father for me. I realized that I should not look at people but focus only on God, because humans are weak and God is strong. God gave me that strength!"


Identifying Weaknesses

"Thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to participate in the preaching fellowship in the early days of my ministry. I am very thankful to the teachers for their earnest and professional guidance. They helped me to identify my errors and weaknesses and then pointed me in the direction of future improvements."

Jesus is the Answer

Victory in Jesus

"Thank you for today's program! I rediscovered how in Jesus there is a great victory. Before I started to listen to this program, I used to feel weak, unvictorious. After listening to you, I believed, and now in many of the battles of life I fight, I come out victorious because I have believed in the power of Jesus. Thank you very much and God bless you."

The Way of Righteousness

Changing the Way I Think

"I am 24 years old. I just wanted to tell you what a blessing you are to our family. I am from a culture where we have ceremonies and rituals to revere numerous animals. There are special days for worshiping crows, dogs, the goddess of riches, and so on. Several days ago, I listened to The Way of Righteousness in Saraiki. It helped change how I think. Thank you for teaching me an excellent lesson."

Radio Bible Project

Addressing Real Life Issues

"Radio Bible Project is like a guiding light. I love how you connect eternal truths to our everyday problems, making the Bible relevant and accessible. It's not just about theology; you talk about real-life issues and how the Bible can help us deal with them. Most of all, I appreciate the comfort and confidence I receive from these programs."
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