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  • Providing the Message and the Technology to Listen


    Providing the Message and the Technology to Listen

    December 14, 2017
    I was in Angola and I had been out in the bush for a week. I hadn’t slept in a comfortable bed for days. In fact, for four of the days I had slept on the floor.
  • Our Tool to Reach the World


    Our Tool to Reach the World

    December 7, 2017
    The thought of having the largest broadcast network never entered anyone’s mind; it wasn’t the goal. Reaching into North Africa, Europe and the Middle East was. Conventional ministry was having an impact, but it was slow. There weren’t enough missionaries to effectively reach that part of the world.
  • It's Not Always Obvious


    It's Not Always Obvious

    November 30, 2017
    One person goes to school to train to be an actor; another trains to be a diesel mechanic and an electrician; another is a certified accountant

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