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    Journey To Hope Blog

    • Finishing Well


      Finishing Well

      December 5, 2019
      As we know, Solomon started very well, but like so many who came before and after him, not all have finished well.
    • Leading by Example


      Leading by Example

      November 21, 2019
      Stephen was truly a servant leader. As I write this blog and reflect on my time under the leadership of Stephen, I am overwhelmed by his capacity to mentor by doing and not by speaking. His living by example is what impacted me the most.
    • An Unlikely Call From God


      An Unlikely Call From God

      October 31, 2019
      One day in 1993 I got called into the station director’s office. I had only been in that office a couple of times in the six years I had been on Bonaire. My world was turned upside down in the office that day.


      Finding Hope in Christ 

      "The witch doctors couldn't provide any hope." 
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