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Impact Stories



"I can see the honesty within you..."

Firm Faith

"...this program has touched my heart in such a way that I decided to receive the Lord Jesus..."

Purposeful Prayer

"I listened to the program on the prayer of Abraham. The point which stuck out to me is on the purpose of his intercession."

Her Life was Changed
"My sister had changed a lot in the last few years and finally she told me why..."
Helpful to Me in Teaching
“I work at an orphanage in town..."
He Called Me and Raised Me Up
"I acknowledged a very special calling and favour of God in my life - that he called me and raised me up from such a low caste..."
Will Listen to Them Again
“I will keep all the lessons and materials with me and will listen to them again in the future..."
He Became the Answer to My Problems
"Praise the Lord. I like  Jesus is the Answer ..."
I am Blessed with the Word of God
"I am blessed with the Word of God and it brings me closer to my God..."
Realized that God is With Me Always
"I am from a different faith. I was lonely and I felt stressed in my life..."