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Impact Stories


Brings Me Closer to God
"I must intercede myself for my needs because the simple prayer brings me closer to God..."
Excited About Christianity
"I am excited about Christianity..."
Inspired Me
"This inspired me to be a good homemaker and helped me to maintain a positive balance in my physical and spiritual life..."
God's Promises Are True
"It is true what you taught us that God’s promises are true..."
Hungry for the Word of God
"We have seen how the Muslim-background believers are so hungry for the Word of God..."
Greatly Helped Me
“I have realized what I lack in preaching..."
Changing the Hearts of People
"Dr. P praises God for changing the hearts of people."
Encouraged to Continue Learning
"We encouraged him to continue learning..."
I Would Like to Know
"I would like to know what to do if someone falls into a sin while there is no servant of God nearby..."
Waiting for a Bible
"I was waiting for many days to receive a Bible..."