Speaking Hope

Praising God in Difficult Times

Praising God in Difficult Times

Read more about how RTM Cuba continues to reach Cubans with the message of hope and salvation during these difficult times.

We praise God that RTM Cuba has recently resumed many of its regular ministry activities. Production of Our Home, a 15-minute radio program focused on biblical counselling and worship, has started again. Since December 2021, 24 new programs focused on worship have been recorded and are broadcast every Thursday from the island of Bonaire. RTM Cuba was also able to produce and broadcast devotionals for the week of Easter.  

Alberto González, the RTM Cuba Director, says they have continued publishing weekly entries on their website, including radio programs, readings and biblical teachings. From November 2021 to March 2022, RTM Cuba’s website has had 2,373 visitors, and 853 listeners have downloaded programs. Many programs have been downloaded to share with others and to be used in meetings at house churches across the island. These programs and publications are also posted on the RTM Cuba Facebook page and Alberto’s personal Facebook page. Both pages have over 7,000 followers!

RTM Cuba has received the responses like the following from listeners and readers: 

“I am hardly young in the way of the Lord. In this time the tests have been hard, and I am of the opinion that in the face of a difficult test praising GOD is the most comforting thing. Not only in the testing, but in all times, we must praise him because he is our only support.”

“I build myself up a lot with these posts.”

“With my son, I thank the Lord for you.”

Alberto shares that they continue to receive letters from listeners and readers despite the inefficiency of the mail service in Cuba, which has operated intermittently during the pandemic. Most of the letters are requesting Christian literature. Since December 2021, the Cuban team sent Bibles and Christian literature to 152 people by mail and had 20 people visit their office. Alberto says, “We continue receiving telephone calls from listeners and requests for prayer, as well as calls from prisoners across the island listening to our programs.” Several relatives of those prisoners have visited the office to request Bibles or Christian literature that they can bring to the prisoners when they visit them, and Alberto says this also gave the team the opportunity to present the gospel to the relatives of the prisoners.

The lack of facilities and the rising cost of printing have made it difficult for RTM Cuba to print materials for listeners right now. However, Alberto praises God, saying, “Thanks be to God that we published a good number of books before the pandemic! For the moment, we have enough books to send to listeners in the months to come.”

Alberto reports that many people are emigrating, especially young people. Among them are his two oldest grandchildren, several pastors and church leaders. Sadly, six of the larger Baptist churches in Havana were abandoned by their pastors in the last few months — some of them leaving without informing their congregations. Alberto accepted the call to preach and minister to one of those churches and is helping them search for a new pastor.

COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen, which means churches are now open and resuming their regular activities — praise God! Despite some external challenges that make certain ministry activities difficult, Alberto says, “Nevertheless, our God is always providing for and helping us!”

On Friday, May 6th, a gas explosion at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana across from the National Capitol Building killed at least 30 people. Alberto has shared that the explosion also ripped a hole in the roof of the Baptist church located beside the hotel, causing extensive damage. Thankfully, the church and denominational staff who work there were not injured.

Alberto and the RTM Cuba team have shared the following prayer requests. Would you join us in praying?

  1. Please pray for the economic situation of Cuba. The prices of everything, including meals, are astronomic. The country also has a lack of medications and medical supplies.  
  2. Please pray for Jesús Blanco, one of the hosts of Our Home, who had planned to leave Cuba for school, but has returned to the country and continues working with RTM Cuba. 
  3. Please pray for Alberto, who recently suffered a severe and painful bout of arthrosis of the hip. Thank the Lord that treatment is going well and that he is already feeling well enough to return to all his activities, including pastoring a church in Havana! Please pray for his continued health and wisdom.   
  4. Please pray for the concerning political and economic situation in Cuba, which is causing many people to emigrate, including church pastors and their families. Please pray that many Cubans look to God, listen, and accept the gospel during these difficult times.
  5.  Please pray also for the restoration process for the Baptist church in Havana. The sanctuary is not currently usable, and renovation materials are difficult to access for non-governmental agencies.

Praise God that RTM Cuba continues to reach the people of Cuba with the message of hope and salvation. Pray for those seeking relationship with God during these difficult times and that many would come to know Christ through RTM Cuba’s programs. To learn more about the Cuban ministry and to partner with us in reaching Cubans, please visit our website.