Cuba Ministry - Trans World Radio Canada

Cuba has been hearing the gospel from the island of Bonaire for over 50 years, and one of our earliest listeners, Alberto Gonzalez, serves as our ministry leader in Cuba today. Since 2009, when Alberto began producing radio programs, TWR Canada has been the primary sponsor of this ministry in Cuba. Alberto and his team write and produce radio programs which have one purpose in mind: to speak spiritual encouragement into the heart of the Cuban people in spite of their difficult situation. This has opened the door for the team to have personal interaction with many of our listeners. Alberto and his team respond to all communications from listeners, and, where possible, connect them with a local church.

Messages of Faith and Hope and Our Home are aired from the Bonaire transmitter and shared with local stations across Latin America and the Caribbean. Messages of Faith and Hope can also be found on TWR360.

As well, TWR Women of Hope's prayer calendar is distributed in Spanish across Cuba each month, allowing individuals and prayer groups to join others around the world in prayer.


"It is a pleasure to listen to you on the radio with your program El Faro de Redención. I have been a pastor for more than 30 years in this beloved island of Cuba. I am one of the Christians who lived through the difficult years, when many said that in the year 2000 there would be no Christians in Cuba. In those years Radio Trans Mundial was a source of nutrition for our faith. What joy it is today to hear programs aimed at Cuba and with preachers, worshippers and testimonies from this beautiful island! Every night, my wife and I listen while we work in the office. Your teachings are very good. I encourage you to keep going. God bless you richly."

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the directors of the three 15-minute programs on worship and music, counselling and expositive teaching.
  • Pray that the new program, Our Home, may become a blessing for our listeners in Cuba and all over Latin America.
  • Pray for the capability to respond to the increase in responses from listeners, due to the Bonaire transmitter power upgrade.

Your gift to the Cuba Ministry will equip the Cuba Ministry team to continue their work in Cuba, reaching and encouraging Cubans across the country.