Projects - Trans World Radio Canada
Infrastructure and Global Network
We rely on strong infrastructure to communicate the hope of Christ to so many people. This includes physical infrastructure, as well as the networks of partners that translate and contextualize programs and provide follow-up.
Men, Women and Children

TWR Canada ministers to all parts of the family in areas of spiritual, economic and physical poverty, training each family member to walk in a godly manner.

Senufo Evangelistic Programming
The Prophets is TWR’s new program written specifically for engaging Muslims with gospel, using familiar vocabulary and expressions. It is broadcast in West Africa in the Senufo language.
TWR Women of Hope

TWR Women of Hope introduces women to the hope found in Jesus and equips them to discover how that hope transforms their lives. TWR Canada supports the global prayer ministry and reaches women in their heart languages of Bambara, Farsi, French, Low German, Makhuwa, Portuguese and Umbundu.

West Africa Transmitter

TWR has applied for a license for a second transmitter in West Africa. This transmitter would primarily focus on a nearby country.