Asia Ministry

Across the vast region of Asia, we are involved in a multitude of projects, reaching out to unbelievers and discipling believers as they grow in their faith.

Bible Distribution

Through partnerships and projects, TWR Canada has been involved in distributing Bibles around the world. Together, we have provided audio and printed Scriptures to over 100,000 people in more than 20 countries.

Children's Bible Stories
TWR Canada is translating and producing Bible stories for children in Arabic, Mandarin, Persian, Spanish and Swahili, as well as airing the English stories in Malawi.
China Evangelism Project
The SON-Lift project aims to reach 106 unreached people groups, representing 15 languages, across China. Audio players are distributed containing dramatized Bible stories, an audio Bible and worship music.
Chinese Ministry
TWR Canada's Chinese Ministry focuses on training in theology and church leadership to Mandarin speakers in China, Canada and elsewhere.
Discipleship Essentials
A discipleship library of 137 lessons in 18 themed modules, each with a video, leader's guide, study guide, and devotional.
Discipleship Programming

TWR Canada uses media to train and equip Christian leaders and believers, with an emphasis on those in restricted access, isolated and/or spiritually-disadvantaged regions.

Evangelism Programming

TWR Canada introduces and leads people to Christ through media and efforts supported by the local Church, with a focus on communities affected by conflict, crisis, and lack of Christian influence.

India Radio Homes
TWR India distributes Radio Home Kits to Radio Home Groups across India. These kits contain resources for groups to grow in their faith and understand God’s Word in a deeper way.
Japanese Ministry
Power of the Gospel is a radio program in Japan which gives local pastors a platform to boldly proclaim the gospel. Japan is the second largest unreached people group in the world.
Kham Magar Evangelistic Programming
The Kham Magar people live in a remote and isolated mountainous region in Nepal. The evangelistic programming is broadcast in their own language twice a week on two FM stations.
Men, Women and Children

TWR Canada ministers to all parts of the family in areas of spiritual, economic and physical poverty, training each family member to walk in a godly manner.

Portable Media Devices
Media players, USB drives, SD cards, MicroSD cards and mobile apps allow for easier and broader distribution of content than ever before.

SOTA (Seminary on the Air) is a 3-4 year training program for Chinese believers and church leaders in China and around the world. Over 1800 students are currently enrolled in this program.

Sri Lanka Broadcasting
Sri Lanka is still recovering from a 23-year civil war which ended in 2009.  Read about TWR Canada's nationally-aired program in this country that is resulting in the creation of house churches!
Unreached People Groups

Through various forms of media, TWR Canada is reaching unreached people groups around the world with the gospel.