Africa Ministry
In Africa, TWR Canada produces and airs radio programs, builds and upgrades radio broadcast facilities, and supports and builds up the local church.
Bible Distribution

Through partnerships and projects, TWR Canada has been involved in distributing Bibles around the world. Together, we have provided audio and printed Scriptures to over 100,000 people in more than 20 countries.

Burundi Radio Broadcasts

TWR Canada broadcasts three weekly programs in Burundi. The Way of Righteousness has recently joined Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer on the air.

Children's Bible Stories
TWR Canada is translating and producing Bible stories for children in Arabic, Mandarin, Persian, Spanish and Swahili, as well as airing the English stories in Malawi.
Discipleship Essentials
A discipleship library of 137 lessons in 18 themed modules, each with a video, leader's guide, study guide, and devotional.
Discipleship Programming

TWR Canada uses media to train and equip Christian leaders and believers, with an emphasis on those in restricted access, isolated and/or spiritually-disadvantaged regions.

Evangelism Programming

TWR Canada introduces and leads people to Christ through media and efforts supported by the local Church, with a focus on communities affected by conflict, crisis, and lack of Christian influence.

Infrastructure and Global Network
We rely on strong infrastructure to communicate the hope of Christ to so many people. This includes physical infrastructure, as well as the networks of partners that translate and contextualize programs and provide follow-up.
Men, Women and Children

TWR Canada ministers to all parts of the family in areas of spiritual, economic and physical poverty, training each family member to walk in a godly manner.

Portable Media Devices
Media players, USB drives, SD cards, MicroSD cards and mobile apps allow for easier and broader distribution of content than ever before.
Senufo Evangelistic Programming
The Prophets is TWR’s new program written specifically for engaging Muslims with gospel, using familiar vocabulary and expressions. It will be broadcast to the Senufo people in western Africa.
South Africa Broadcasting
Chase the Wind is a weekly serial about a woman whose life is turned upside down. When production is complete, it will be aired in South Africa.
The Way of Righteousness
The Way of Righteousness series is a collection of one hundred 15-minute programs, which answer the question: “How can we be righteous before God?”
TWR Women of Hope

TWR Women of Hope introduces women to the hope found in Jesus and equips them to discover how that hope transforms their lives. TWR Canada supports the global prayer ministry and reaches women in their heart languages of Bambara, Farsi, French, Low German, Makhuwa, Portuguese and Umbundu.

Unreached People Groups

Through various forms of media, TWR Canada is reaching unreached people groups around the world with the gospel.

Visual Media
Visual media has become a very important method of communicating the hope of Christ to some of the least-reached people groups around the world.
West Africa Transmitter

TWR has applied for a license for a second transmitter in West Africa. This transmitter would primarily focus on a nearby country.

Your Quest for God
Your Quest for God was translated and distributed as a printed book. Now, we have produced it as an audio book, so that those who can’t read can benefit from this book, too.