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    2020/2021 Giving Guide

    Giving Guide 2020

    Share the Hope
    Your gift to TWR Canada today allows us to continue the work that was started many years ago to share the hope of Jesus with the nations!

    Gift code: 20-01
    Media Content
    Our Bible-centred programs provide relevant teaching all over the world, increasing the impact of our partner churches and organizations. Your gift to support media content will allow us to continue speaking the hope of Jesus effectively worldwide.

    Gift code: 20-02
    Training Believers
    Through training events, discipleship programs and online resources, we train believers to be effective, reproducing Christ-followers. Your gift for training believers helps us continue training church leaders to train others, and to expand discipleship efforts across the globe.

    Gift code: 20-03
    Digital Technology
    As part of the world’s largest media ministry, we leverage technology to assist the Church in reaching the unreached with the gospel and discipling believers. Your support of digital and media technology initiatives allows us to continue to develop apps, websites and various forms of traditional media to share the hope of Jesus.

    Gift code: 20-04
    Discipleship Essentials

    Discipleship Essentials is a 137-lesson discipleship tool available online for free in 13 languages. Your gift supports the ongoing development and distribution of these resources that train church and house church leaders and believers worldwide.

    Gift code: 20-05


    SOTA is a three to four-year training program that trains Chinese church leaders and believers to address the needs of the growing Chinese Church. Your gift helps strengthen the Church in China and globally through strong teaching and mentoring.

    Gift code: 20-06

    Persian Ministry
    In an area where the safety of believers is in jeopardy, Persian-speaking Christians still meet together for worship and teaching regularly, but house church leaders rely on media programs and occasional discipleship training conferences. Your gift supports an active social media ministry, training conferences and personal follow-up for Persian-speaking believers.

    Gift code: 20-07
    Ministry to Children
    Based on the books and audio series from A Visit with Mrs. G Ministries, Bible Stories Alive transforms familiar Bible stories into an engaging audio program, making the Bible come “alive” for children. It’s available in Arabic, Mandarin, Persian, Spanish and Swahili. Your gift helps us share these stories with children and their families all over the world!

    Gift code: 20-08
    Ministry to Women

    Whether we’re working to develop women as leaders, or sharing the hope of Christ through the TWR Women of Hope programs, our ministry to women helps to equip individuals and groups to understand the Word of God and discover hope in Jesus.

    Gift code: 20-09


    Within our own borders, we have a great need for the hope found only in Jesus Christ. TWR Canada works with Aujourd’hui l’Espoir to bring the gospel to Quebec. Your gift supports production and distribution of audio and TV programs along with our follow-up ministry where enquiring listeners receive a visit from a local pastor or church leader.

    Gift code: 20-10


    In Cuba, we produce a daily Spanish devotional, and weekly programs that focus on biblical counselling and worship. Your gift helps us encourage the people of Cuba through radio programming and follow-up with listeners to connect them to a church community in their area.

    Gift code: 20-11


    In Burundi, TWR Canada broadcasts two weekly programs in the Kirundi language: Jesus is the Answer and Good News for All. In addition to supporting these Bible-centred programs, your gift will help fund the final purchase and renovation costs of a new media and training centre in Burundi.

    Gift code: 20-14


    In Macedonia, TWR Canada sponsors The Voice of Truth, a weekly one-hour program produced by a local pastor. This program provides discipleship and encouragement in the heart language of the Roma people.

    Gift code: 20-12

    Sri Lanka

    In Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese program God’s Unique Book is reaching people like Ban, who writes: “I’m a Buddhist but I listen to God’s Unique Book every week. I love this program!” Help us spread the gospel to Ban’s Buddhist brothers and sisters with your gift for production and airtime of God’s Unique Book in Sri Lanka.

    Gift code: 20-13

    Tools for Churches

    TWR Canada’s Tools for Churches are designed to assist and support local congregations and small groups both in Canada and around the world. 

    Your gift supports the creation of new tools that help the Church reach out to their communities and disciple believers.

    Gift code: 20-15

    Digital Ministry

    Radio continues to have great value in many parts of the world, but we also use many other forms of media including social media, apps, and other digital initiatives to meet people where they are searching for truth. Your digital media gift allows us to continue to develop apps for smart phones and tablets, online web-radio and new and updated websites.

    Gift code: 20-16

    Media Players

    With the use of portable media devices, such as media players, USB drives and SD cards, we can deliver the gospel to those who desperately need to hear.

    Gift code: 20-17

    Unreached People Groups

    TWR Canada provides hope-filled content to unreached people groups all over the world, including groups in Asia, Africa and even right here in Canada. Your gift helps unreached people groups around the world be introduced to the gospel in their heart language.

    Gift code: 20-18

    Radio Home Groups

    TWR Canada first began our radio home group ministry in India in 2018. Since then, we’ve seen many come to a saving faith in Jesus. Your gift will help form new radio home groups throughout South Asia in 2021.

    Gift code: 20-19

    Missionaries and Mobilization

    People play an important role in TWR's global work. Whether it's short-term or long-term missionaries, or the staff in one of our offices here in Canada, each person is working with the same mission in mind: to share the hope of Jesus with the nations using media.

    Gift code: 20-20

    Global Media Fund

    Your gift to our Global Media Fund allows us to send funds where they’re needed most. This includes program production and distribution, follow-up costs, missionary support, and special projects related to technology, infrastructure, and aging equipment.

    Gift code: 20-21