Give the gift of hope!
    2018/2019 Gift Catalogue 

    Global Media

    Global Media
    Your gift to the TWR Global Media Fund gives TWR Canada the freedom to allocate your donation across the ministry according to need.

    Portable Media Devices

    Portable Media Devices
    Your gift helps TWR Canada bring the gospel to individuals, families, communities and churches through portable media devices.


    Evangelism is a cornerstone of TWR Canada's ministry, and media is a very effective way to share the gospel. Help us introduce and lead people to a saving relationship with Christ.
    Unreached People Groups
    Help us proclaim the gospel to unreached people groups around the world by supporting the production and distribution of evangelistic programming.
    Your gift supports these programs which help youth, family and communities discover how to live joyfully for the Lord amidst poverty and other challenges.
    You can help us as we continue to reach the people of Cuba with the gospel.
    Sri Lanka
    Your gift helps ensure more individuals and families are led to salvation and more churches are formed.


    TWR Canada is training and equipping Christian leaders and believers to that growth is effective and long-term. Your gift enables us to assist the Church by producing and providing discipleship tools.
    Discipleship Essentials
    Help us with the development and distribution of these transformative resources to groups and individuals worldwide.
    Your gift supports the development of students and the ministry, training people to be able to lead the growing Chinese Church.
    Discipleship for Women
    Your gift will assist in the development of scripts and audio programs.
    Persian Speaking Ministry
    You can make a difference in the life of a Persian believer by providing opportunities for them to grow in their knowledge of God's Word.


    Your gift helps missionary families continue to do the word Hod has called them to around the world.

    Men, Women and Children

    Men, Women and Children
    Your gift provides support and guidance to every member of the family with biblical programming created just for them.
    TWR Women of Hope
    Your gift supports the global prayer ministry and airing of the Women of Hope broadcasts.
    Bible Stories Alive
    Your gift helps share theses stories to children globally.
    Discipling Men
    Be a part of the creation and production of resources that encourage the development of godly men, husbands and leaders.

    Canadian Ministry

    Canadian Ministry
    Your gift allows us to assist the Canadian Church to reach out to their neighbours with the hope found in Christ alone.
    With your help, we are able to continue audio and video production and connect listeners to local churches.
    Refugees and Immigrants
    You can be part of supporting the creation of scripts and study materials for individuals and small groups.
    TWR Equip
    Your gift supports this online resource and the addition of new content to assist the Canadian Church.

    Radio and Technical Infrastructure

    Radio and Technical Infrastructure
    You can help make a difference with a gift to our global infrastructure and take part in ensuring the continue spread of the gospel.
    The Silk Road Project
    Help us spread the power of the gospel and strengthen the local church with the Silk Road Project.
    West Africa
    Your gift helps with construction costs and development of programs to reach even more people in West Africa with the hope of Jesus.