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    2021/2022 Giving Guide

    Giving Guide 2021

    Share the Hope
    Your gift to TWR Canada today will allow us to continue the work that was started many years ago to share the hope of Jesus with the nations!

    Gift code: DGC21A01
    Hope Partners
    Become a Hope Partner this year and you will be part of sharing the good news of salvation to people all over the world.

    Gift code: DGC21A02
    Discipleship Essentials
    Your gift supports the ongoing development and distribution of discipleship resources to assist in training churches, small group leaders and individuals worldwide.

    Gift code: DGC21A03
    Your gift helps strengthen the Church in China and globally through teaching and mentoring.

    Gift code: DGC21A04
    Your gift supports the active social media ministry, training conferences and personal follow-up for Persian-speaking believers.

    Gift code: DGC21A05
    Ministry to Children
    Your gift helps us share Bible stories with children and their families all over the world!

    Gift code: DGC21A06
    Ministry to Women
    Your gift supports the global prayer ministry, as well as the translation, production and airing of  Women of Hope broadcasts.

    Gift code: DGC21A07
    Your gift supports production and distribution of media programming, as well as the follow-up ministry, where enquiring listeners receive a visit from a local pastor or church leader.

    Gift code: DGC21A08
    Your gift helps us encourage the people of Cuba through radio programming and allows local pastors to follow-up with listeners and connect them to a church community in their area.

    Gift code: DGC21A09
    Your gift supports first-year costs to build a strong foundation for this new FM station.

    Gift code: DGC21A10
    Your gift towards production and airtime in Burundi allows two long-standing programs to continue to encourage believers.

    Gift code: DGC21A11
    Sri Lanka
    Your gift towards the production and airtime of  God’s Unique Book helps us to share hope with the predominantly Buddhist listeners in Sri Lanka.

    Gift code: DGC21A12
    Leadership Essentials
    Your gift allows us to produce Leadership Essentials in more languages to assist churches around the world to strengthen their small group discipleship ministries.

    Gift code: DGC21A13
    Media Players
    Your gift helps TWR Canada put the gospel onto portable media devices for individuals like Flor, as well as families, communities and churches.

    Gift code: DGC21A14
    Radio Home Groups
    Your gift will help form new radio home groups throughout South Asia in 2022.

    Gift code: DGC21A15
    Digital Ministry
    Your gift to our digital ministry allows us to continue to develop listener-focused apps for smart phones and tablets, online web radio, and new and updated websites.

    Gift code: DGC21A16
    Unreached People Groups
    Your gift helps unreached people groups around the world be introduced to the gospel in their heart language.

    Gift code: DGC21A17
    Missionaries and Mobilization
    Your gift to missionary mobilization supports our current missionaries as well as future short and long-term teams.

    Gift code: DGC21A18
    Training Conferences
    Your gift helps us continue training church leaders to train others and to expand discipleship efforts across the globe.

    Gift code: DGC21A19
    Where Needed Most
    Your gift to our Global Media Fund allows us to send funds where they’re needed most.

    Gift code: DGC21A20