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Apr 17, 2024

Using the Best Media

TWR Canada is committed to bridging the gap between technology and human connection and providing resources in the most effective way for the recipient. That’s why, with your help, we have partnered with TWR Belarus to continue delivering hope directly to listeners through media players, SD cards, USBs, and CDs as they sit – literally – in the middle of war.

Apr 10, 2024

Strength and Unity in North Macedonia

Discover the work and impact of the Voice of Truth program in Prilep! Read how it is sharing the truth of God to be a spiritual lighthouse to its listeners.

Apr 3, 2024

Deliverance through Jesus in Quebec

Quebec is the largest unreached people group in North America, but there is hope! Discover how our ministry partner, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, is connecting with individuals in real and practical ways. Building connections, sharing hope, and pointing people to God!