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Unshackled From Evil

Unshackled From Evil

Amina’s* story gives indisputable proof that Christ can completely change a person who desires to follow him. The transformation began as she listened to Women of Hope programs, which taught her concepts like love, peace, self-esteem and reconciliation – ideas that sounded “foreign” to her.

Curious, this Moroccan woman contacted the follow-up team and told them her story about seeking to become powerful through performing black magic. According to Amina, although she was only in her late 20s, she had been bound to the stronghold of witchcraft for so long that her face is disfigured now.

To her surprise, Amina heard back from the TWR Women of Hope workers, and she responded, “I never thought you would reply back to an evil person like me.” She said, “I feel suffocated with sin and want a way out.”

On one of the programs, Amina heard the story about Jesus healing a young man who had been possessed with evil spirits. The stories intrigued her, and Amina continued to correspond with the team workers. The most recent message she sent them is remarkable:

“It seems your Lord Jesus is powerful! I’ve prayed and continued to pray that he would set me free from my evil ways and sins, and it sure feels like I’m unshackled. I feel light; the loads are not there anymore.”

She continued by saying she wasn’t certain how it happened but believes that Jesus healed her. Amina knows there is a lot to learn about Jesus and wants to continue following up with the team. Although she is still frightened about the consequences of her actions, she believes that if the team continue to teach her about Christ and his ways, she will be fine.

* a pseudonym