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Precious and Loved

Precious and Loved

“Because you are precious in my eyes and honoured, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.” (Isaiah 43:4, ESV)

At TWR Canada, we have partnered with TWR Women of Hope for more than 20 years to speak the message of Isaiah 43:4 over women around the world and across generations. Radio programs, such as the flagship program Women of Hope, and on-the-ground initiatives continue to show women their worth and value in the eyes of God.

Milena is a listener living in Serbia. Her life was changed as she listened: “When I first discovered Women of Hope, I had no idea how deeply it would touch me. The episode I listened to was special because it talked about how precious and loved we are as women by God, as his daughters. As I listened, I felt the presence of something holy and inspiring. In the words of the hosts, I heard God’s voice reminding me of how important and loved I am. I realized that I am not alone and that I have support not only from other women, but also from the God who created me. I now see myself through different eyes, as a precious daughter loved by God. Thank you for sharing these profound truths with us women and reminding us of God’s love and the blessings we have as his daughters. This show has become a source of courage and inspiration for me, and I will continue to recommend it to other women so they too can experience the same transformation and encouragement.”

What an incredible story that doesn’t end with Milena! Now that she knows she is a precious daughter of God, she is sharing that truth with other women so that they, too, can find their value and worth in our loving Father.

Milena is one of many who have been transformed by the truth and hope proclaimed through the ministry of TWR Women of Hope. Zahara is a Muslim woman living in Tanzania who loves to listen to Women of Hope. She shares, “We women face a lot of oppression, and this ministry makes us feel valued and loved. I am a victim of abuse, but I know that the love of Jesus is true and real. Thank you for what you are doing for us.”

Across the continent in Côte d’Ivoire, Emmanuella responded to a program, saying, “These words are truly touching. I understood that I am worthy.”

When women learn that they are precious to and loved by God, their lives are changed, and they find hope in difficult situations! These stories from around the world reveal just a small glimpse of how God is at work through the ministry of TWR Women of Hope.

Perhaps you, too, can relate to the words of Milena, Zahara or Emmanuella. Perhaps you have questioned whether you are precious and loved. And perhaps you have experienced the life-changing power of God when you came to understand that he loves you and sees you as worthy and valued.

We want to share that life-changing power of God with many more women around the world. Would you partner with us today to do that?

Our God loves each one of us deeply, and we are precious in his eyes. Praise God! Our prayer is that many more women would come to learn this truth and bask in the light of the gospel. Thank you for partnering with us to speak hope to the world through TWR Women of Hope.

On behalf of the TWR Canada women’s ministry team, go forth today knowing you are precious to and loved by your Creator.


Eliza Argall

Ministry Development and Communications Manager

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