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Lighthouses for those in Darkness

Lighthouses for those in Darkness

One of our Hidden Treasures team members, Laura,* is actively involved in anti-trafficking work in Europe. At a school meeting, Laura met the mother of her daughter’s classmates, Sonia,* and it came up in the conversation that Laura was a Christian. They talked occasionally, and a year later, Sonia told Laura that her husband was watching videos of Bible stories and studying the Bible very seriously. After some months, he became a Christian. The ladies continued to meet from time to time to talk about the Christian faith and Laura encouraged Sonia to follow in her husband’s footsteps.

One day, Sonia asked Laura: "I have had it in my heart to ask you for a long time: What do you really do at your job?"

Laura shared about her work helping women to escape forced prostitution, to get to know Christ, and to start a new life. She also told her about the projects she participates in, including Hidden Treasures. Sonia's reaction was surprising: “You know, for years I did exactly the opposite.”

Sonia revealed that she used to be heavily involved in recruiting and trapping people for sex work. She was on the front lines of connecting Latin women with men in Europe and getting them into prostitution. It is only after Sonia gave her life to Christ that the true gravity of all she had done as part of such a dark world was revealed to her.

We all carry sin in our lives, big or small. We all need Jesus to save us, and no one is too broken, bad or lost to enter this heavenly family – not even sex traffickers. As Christians, we get to be like lighthouses, helping to guide seafarers on the dark waters away from shipwreck and into safe harbour. So, shine the light of Christ wherever you are, because you never know who is watching.


* Names have been anonymized for security purposes.