TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

Hope and Help in God

Hope and Help in God

When I started volunteering with TWR Women of Hope, where I work with Lisa Hall, the global prayer coordinator, I had taken disability retirement from nursing because of mental health and emotional problems. I wanted to do something useful but had so much anxiety that I had difficulty leaving the house. I began to attend the global prayer gatherings and soon after offered to volunteer as a writer assisting with the prayer calendar. Even though I loved the work, my anxiety soon returned, and I began staying home again. Lisa and others bathed me in prayer, and I found I became eager to come weekly and do the best I could.

My first assignment was to write a “Story of Hope” for the prayer calendar based on listeners’ responses to the ministry’s broadcasts in various areas of the world. Reading stories from women with desperate lives who found hope through these broadcasts in turn gave me much hope that my life would continue improving as long as I looked to God for help. It also took my focus off the difficulties in my little world and gave me a global perspective.

The problems I had seemed minuscule compared with those who were left penniless when COVID-19 hit, were sold into slavery or were persecuted for their faith in Christ. While I spent time complaining about my situation, these women were thankful for every little bit they had. They depended on the programs to teach them proper health habits, good family relations and the ability to study the Bible, all things I took for granted.

I am thankful to be a part of this ministry that has a global impact on so many people’s lives – including my own.