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A Secure Hope!

A Secure Hope!

Latin America and the Caribbean possess a rich cultural and spiritual heritage. In these regions, as in others, however, the lives of many women are intertwined with suffering and hopelessness at every turn. As you can imagine, each woman longs for peace, security and hope.

Because we are the body of Christ, we must reflect on the condition of these many women and show them it is indeed possible through our Saviour to have the peace, security and hope that the world cannot provide. It is important to know that our hope does not lie in what we can do or achieve. According to the Word of God, our hope is in Christ Jesus, who gives everything meaning. We join David the psalmist in saying, “And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you” (Ps. 39:7).

TWR Women of Hope in Latin America and the Caribbean provides women with resources to strengthen their faith through group training, radio programs and, above all, prayer. The ministry varies from country to country.

In Brazil, our teams produce impactful podcasts and devotionals and minister through sign language to the deaf community. TWR Women of Hope Paraguay features a large women’s prison ministry, while the Uruguay team has a far-reaching impact as it sends Women of Hope programs to over 20 countries. The Dominican Republic team has a robust social media ministry, as does TWR Women of Hope Bonaire, which uses social media and programming to encourage women’s hearts with Scripture and testimonies.

As women of faith in our region, we strive to:

  • Show women the way to know Jesus so they may be transformed and embrace his desires for their lives.
  • Encourage women that in Christ, they are valued, loved and created in the image of God with a unique and valuable purpose.
  • Remind them that we are created by God to express his grace and mercy on earth, fulfilling the purposes he has given us.

By bringing the gospel and hope found in Christ Jesus, we can inspire every woman in our region to open her heart to him and live an abundant life.