Speaking Hope

Strength and Unity in North Macedonia

Strength and Unity in North Macedonia

Discover the work and impact of the Voice of Truth program in Prilep! Read how it is sharing the truth of God to be a spiritual lighthouse to its listeners.

At TWR Canada, we believe everyone should have access to biblical resources that lead them to finding salvation in Christ and experiencing hope for a better future. In Prilep, North Macedonia, years of hopelessness and little access to faith-based resources have made goals for a prosperous future unobtainable throughout many generations. In recent years, however, we’ve seen God at work transforming lives and showing the depths of his love to this marginalized group of people! Through Voice of Truth, people are welcomed into a spiritual community of new thinking and are led to experience strength and unity in Christ. 

Edijan Selioski, pastor of the Roma church in Prilep, works to improve the lives of the Roma people through writing and producing Voice of Truth programs. Where there is disconnect and sometimes criticism from the community, with 98 per cent coming from a Muslim background, the love and understanding of Christ-like living transcend the boundaries of past thinking and lead the nation to a more promising future.  

One listener, after learning about Christian values through the program, shared, “Since I started listening to these messages, something has changed in my heart. I felt like someone was speaking directly to me, as if every word was addressed to my life. That spiritual support became essential, so I started listening to other preachers and spiritual music. Listening to real values, I realized that I want more than a simple journey through life. I wanted a love that would be the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life. The program became a guide as I thought about the future. Then it was time for a change. Inspirational stories about young people who overcame challenges and achieved education made me think about my future. Education became my goal, even though I am Roma. I realized that God's Word has the power to change lives, habits, and generational ways of life and thinking, including mine. Not only has my life changed, but my relationship with the community has also changed. The Voice of Truth program opened my eyes to see that the Roma community doesn't have to be a place of poverty, misery, and prejudice, but a source of strength and unity. I feel proud and connected to people around me."  

Other listeners have shared that Voice of Truth has become a lighthouse in their spiritual journey, that they appreciate how Pastor Edijan presents the relevant topics while respecting differences and, despite differences, touches hearts. Another shared, “The episode about Christ and love lifted my spirit and provided hope for a better tomorrow. I heard about Christ's love in a special and different way than I had before. I feel peace and joy as I learn about what is written in the Bible about Jesus and his boundless love.” 

Through digital media, we can reach people with the hope of the gospel, with a strength and a sense of unity that they might never have experienced before. The messages prepared and shared through Voice of Truth bring spiritual values and the truth of God closer to people. You can read more about how this program has helped the Roma people regain dignity and find hope here