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Spiritual Connection and Christian Counselling in India

Spiritual Connection and Christian Counselling in India

Discover how God has provided opportunities 100 times more than anticipated. Praise God for the lives changed in India!

In India, we have partnered with Media Impact International (MII) to share the good news and disciple believers who connect online, using digital and social media, as well as train partner organizations to do the same. We have seen God at work in this partnership and the synergy of God’s people giving and receiving counselling and feeling connected in his Word and Spirit! 

Connection starts with someone seeking out and receiving an answer to a question or resolution to a problem, where what’s broken can begin to mend through attention and care. Through MII, once a connection has been made and people are spiritually engaged, they are offered digital biblical resources relevant to their situation to learn more, grow in faith, as well as invited to find fellowship and encouragement online and in-person through Christian counselling and community.  

Through God’s provision and the power of the Holy Spirit, MII has seen higher than anticipated impacts in building God’s kingdom across metrics such as professions of faith and sending digital biblical resources. While the team projected to distribute 1,725 digital Bibles and other Christian resources from October to December 2023, they actually ended up distributing 124,838 copies of digital materials in this period! This is due to an increased library of resources to share, as well as many more people engaging with them online than expected. And in that same time period alone, they saw 380 professions of faith!  

A team member from MII shared the testimony of one changed life, Utpal, who reached out to the team feeling disappointed, discouraged, and worried due to health issues that were impacting his studies and delivery job. The counsellor offered encouragement, shared advice, and asked if Utpal desired rest and peace in his life. The counsellor then presented the gospel to Utpal, including the story of creation and salvation from sin. Utpal was unfamiliar with Jesus before these discussions, but he believed that accepting Christ could bring positive change in his life.  

Professing his faith in Jesus, Utpal received Christ into his life. The counsellor has continued to support him, sending a digital Bible and encouraging him to read it regularly. Utpal then joined an online discipleship group and, with consistent follow-ups, has become a part of a local church community.  

Another young man, Kamal, expressed worry about his relationship issues with his girlfriend, which had recently ended. The counsellor emphasized the importance of communication and prayed for resolution. Continuing the conversation, the counsellor provided daily comfort and guidance to help mend the relationship. 

Through the course of discussions, Kamal was introduced to God's love, and he expressed interest in hearing the gospel. Upon receiving the gospel message, he agreed to accept Jesus as his Saviour. The counsellor then shared the Bible and a reading plan, encouraging him to learn more about Jesus. The counsellor introduced Kamal to an MII India online discipleship group for prayer and fellowship, and Kamal agreed to join the online group, where he is now experiencing fellowship and support. 

Join us in praising God for the increase in the number of people like Utpal and Kamal in India who are looking for the true source of peace in Jesus and are finding hope in God’s love through our partnership with Media Impact International!