Speaking Hope

Speaking Hope to the World

Speaking Hope to the World

This Giving Tuesday, help us speak hope to the world! 

How do we speak hope at TWR Canada? Through technology and media, we enable people to hear the gospel and disciple believers to grow in faith.  

What’s the impact? With your donations, people all over the world receive the hopeful message of the gospel through radio, media players, television, online and more! Let the gratitude from receivers of God’s Word in the following testimonies resound! 

In China, a parent shared that they’ve seen faith grow in their children through Bible Stories Alive programs: “I use the USB at home for my children to listen to the Bible stories. They love to listen to the stories. Both the characters and the circumstances of the story spark interest in the kids, letting the children have an immersive experience, and allow the children to ask questions. The stories increase my child’s interest in the Bible. It's a good way for children to become familiar with the Bible. Thanks to the teacher for the USB and such a wonderful program!”  

Discreet devices such as USB sticks and SD cards are useful and effective, especially in areas of the world where it’s unsafe to be a Christian or where illiteracy is common. In a South Asian country where persecution is high, one person shared, "I'm a hardworking man who followed your page on Facebook and fell in love with Jesus. I know the truth now; I know more about God and I love God. I discovered and read the New Testament, but I am not highly educated, so I find it hard to read. Give me a SD card, please, so I can listen to the Gospels." 

In another South Asian country, another person shared their appreciation for the format of a media player, as well as the support and guidance provided through it: "I live in a desert area of my country. I am a shepherd. Many times, I heard sounds from a media player from my fellow friends. I wondered what it was. I asked one of them to let me listen to it as it was in Saraiki, my heart language. I started to understand the words. It touched my heart and I wanted to hear more. I asked my friend to lend me the audio device so that I could listen to it while grazing my flock. I had time to focus on it and I learned a lot. As I got deeper in, I started focusing on the words and their impact on me. It was a little difficult to do at home, so I took the media player with me while going out with my flock. Focused listening helped me understand and now I know how to pray. I often have questions and need guidance, so I get assistance from a TWR representative whose contact number is available with the media player. The guidance is prompt and helpful. Thank you and God bless you." 

In Quebec, an operator of the Hope Line shared one man’s journey from a desire to discover Christ to his acceptance of the Lord: "I spoke with a man who discovered the television show La Parole Vivante. He has recorded all the episodes! He likes the enthusiasm and the simple and understandable language of the hosts. He told me that he has tried all his life to believe in Jesus, but he couldn't. He now believes and has accepted the Lord as his Saviour!”

Through our ministry partners and with your financial partnership, TWR Canada provides biblical resources to seekers and believers. We connect people with other believers through training and fellowship conferences and help people find community in their spiritual lives. By partnering with us on Giving Tuesday, as well as every day, you’re enabling people all over the world to grow in faith using the technology that works best to meet individual and specific people groups’ needs in their heart language. Thank you for helping us speak hope to the world this Giving Tuesday!