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Showing the World I Am Saved

Showing the World I Am Saved

In the Persian-speaking world, baptism can invite severe persecution and ostracization but also testifies to God’s power in the presence of witnesses. Read on to hear one believers life story that led him to take this significant step of faith.

In the Persian-speaking world, baptism carries profound significance. It signifies a definitive break from Islam and marks a transformative journey culturally, socially and spiritually. This decision can invite severe persecution and ostracization but also testifies to God’s power in the presence of witnesses. The magnitude of this decision is why Persian ministry leader Tony has believers wait two years after accepting the Lord to ensure true dedication before being baptized at a conference.  

After more than two years of professing to be a believer, Hassan (name changed for security) was baptized at a conference in March. He publicly declared his faith and bore witness to nearly 50 attendees, sharing the profound message of salvation encapsulated in John 3:16 

Raised amidst differing displays of family beliefs and traditions, Hassan’s upbringing was shaped by the stoic deism of his father’s lineage contrasted with the devout religiosity of his mother's heritage, symbolized by her hijab veiling all but a glimpse of her nose. At an age when most children are exploring the world and being children, Hassan was thrust into a role of responsibility. By age 12, Hassan became a provider, shouldering the burden of financial responsibility for his family. His father’s disability required a great sacrifice from Hassan. In addition to school studies, he was working in a shop full-time and eventually took over the shop’s daily operations. But after a car accident, Hassan lost everything, including his job. Then, he was offered a lifeline when he found another job. Read on to hear what God had in store for Hassan through his testimony:  

“It wasn’t the job I wanted, but I had to do something for a few months before finding a different job. The manager asked Mohammad to train me. It was the first time I met Mohammad. I was with him for a few hours learning the work. The business world here is very bad. Everyone talks behind other people’s backs and does bad things. Mohammad was different. The second or third time I went to him I just asked him directly, ‘Why are you different?’ He told me, ‘Because my sins are forgiven. That’s why I’m different.’ I said, ‘What does that mean?’ Then he gave me the Bible to read.  

“I used to hate reading. I didn’t want to read anything because I had been forced to read for school. So I left the book in my room and would just play on my phone. Finally, I decided to read just one page. I ended up reading almost 100 pages. Then, it became my routine to read it whenever I had time, and after I would talk to Mohammad. I read the Bible, learned about the crucifixion and I said, ‘Yes, I want this.’ Mohammad said if I really believed the message then we should pray together. Now, I have been a believer for 2.5 years.  

“My biggest problem used to be sexual sin. Before I came to faith, I asked Jesus, ‘If you’re real, help me with this.’ I prayed and God did help me. In my life, I was so angry. Now my attitude has changed. I could see a difference in my heart. Instead of cursing others, now I bless them.” 

When Tony asked why Hassan wanted to be baptized, Hassan said, “With my faith, I was cleansed. My baptism is a sign of my salvation, showing the world I am saved.”   
Praise God for his timing and working in the lives of people like Hassan!