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Reflecting on God’s Goodness in 2022

Reflecting on God’s Goodness in 2022

Join us as we look back on all that God has done in and through the ministry of TWR Canada in 2022.

As we come to the end of 2022, we’re reflecting back on all that God has done for and through our ministry over this year. From traditional and web radio to radio home groups, training disciples, digital media and more, God’s goodness is abundant! Read on to see a glimpse of how God is building his kingdom across areas such as Africa, China, the Persian-speaking world, Bangladesh and Ukraine.  

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (ESV). Through the Bible Stories Alive program for children, God is making his message of salvation known in the lives of children, building their faith from a young age.

A Mandarin-speaking listener shared, “I gave the stories on the USB to my two children to listen to. A few times, my son will tell me what he heard from the stories during mealtimes, and his presentation is very detailed and lively. I thank those brothers and sisters who produce these for us so that my children and I can listen to them together and understand.”

Bible Stories Alive is also building up the faith of all generations. A radio listener in Kenya shared, "It's not only children who are learning, but even we as parents are benefiting from the program because it helps us recall Bible stories we have forgotten."

Due to religious restrictions, the Persian-speaking world needs discreet and safe ways to receive the hope of the gospel. Through conferences, the web radio station and more, God connected and encouraged many believers this year who can’t safely attend church or identify as Christian.

One Persian-speaking listener shared, "I was feeling lonely and forgotten for a long time, with no hope. Two months ago, I was on the bus going to the market. A girl sat beside me. She was listening to a radio station and I was able to see her phone screen. After a few moments, I heard her say amen a few times. I started to talk to her and she openly told me about this wonderful app, and she downloaded it on my phone. After that, my life changed! I am still dealing with my hard life, but I am not hopeless anymore and I am not lonely! Thank you for all you do for people like me."

Training and equipping believers through radio home groups and resources like Discipleship Essentials is another way God worked in the hearts of his people this year. A radio home group leader in Bangladesh shared, “After attending the Discipleship Essentials training, my thinking was totally changed. Through the training, I came to know that only Jesus can give me salvation, and I need to believe and depend on him and follow his lifestyle. Now, I am using this knowledge and material in my work. Local church pastors and radio home group leaders are using this teaching among their radio home groups and their church members too. I would like to thank the almighty God for using the DE teaching to open my eyes and mind, and using me to build his kingdom.”

As Ukraine continues to face devastation from war, faith in Jesus offers hope that penetrates through fear. This perspective provides the strength to persevere and shed the light that we are called to cast onto the world as Jesus’ disciples. We see strength in the Lord experienced through this testimony: “I thank God for you that in these difficult times for our country, you do not give up your radio ministry. Your programs strengthen the weak, encourage and promote prayer, service to God and glorification of his holy name. Thank you for the new programs, in which you help people to focus on Jesus Christ.”

The war created a need to offer hope to a new audience, prompting an opportunity for our ministry to use social media to share the gospel with people who have never heard of Jesus. A video the TWR Ukraine team released on YouTube in July, for example, has been viewed more than 6 million times!

We have seen God at work this year in the lives of people all around the world. Thank you for your partnership in speaking hope to the world in 2022! We hope you’re encouraged by this small picture of what God has done in 2022. Please join us in 2023 to continue sharing the hope of the gospel to the nations!