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God’s Truth Goes Against the Current in Uruguay

God’s Truth Goes Against the Current in Uruguay

Learn how Against the Current is helping youth in Uruguay discover God’s truth, transforming countless lives through the power of his Word.

With access to multiple platforms and ever-adapting means to share information in this digital era, it can sometimes be challenging for young people to decipher God’s truth from cultural norms and to find content that’s relevant to their circumstances. As these voices circulate and different messages offer multiple perspectives, how do we focus on God’s message? How can we grow the faith of young people who have questions yet so many options and various ways to access all these perspectives?  

Against the Current is a radio show aimed at young people between 15 and 40 years old. Individuals in this age range lead busy lives performing various tasks and it can be difficult to focus on what God wants because they are surrounded by the many “voices” that circulate in this world. Produced by Natalia and Katherine, Against the Current is available on Spotify and is aired from the transmitter in Uruguay. Many listeners share that Against the Current helps them to think and reflect on the culturally relevant issues discussed in the podcast.  

One listener shared how they have seen the program help Christians grow as well as non-believers come to faith: “I think it is a program for believers and also for non-believers. I think that, for Christians, Against the Current helps them grow, bringing them closer to God’s Word. Nowadays, especially for young people, it is difficult for us to sit down, to set aside time to read. With this program, I can listen to it at night when I am working. It is a practical program, easy to listen to; it is pleasant; you listen to it, and it doesn’t become boring. It is a program that I believe is also for people who are not Christians, as it can bring them closer to God while touching on very practical topics, making us reflect and think about what we want to do with our life, the way we want to live it – to go against the current, which is often difficult for Christians.  
“One of the programs particularly helped me a lot. I have a personal testimony of a difficult moment in my life where I could see the hand of God. I have a platform where several people follow me, so I shared my story on my social networks. I shared the program and many people wrote me privately thanking me. They told me that they hadn’t heard about the program before and that it was very good. So good that they would continue listening to it! The testimony they heard helped them because they were going through a very similar situation in their family. Against the Current adds value in all aspects of life. People who are not Christians are brought closer to God and Christians are drawn closer to his Word.” 

Another listener left a message sharing their appreciation: “Hi! I want to leave a message for Against the Current. I felt very challenged by the ‘golden rule’ program! Oh, how much truth was conveyed and how difficult it is at times to conduct ourselves this way in life. No doubt we can only achieve it with the help and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Thank you for each program. I share them and they are a great blessing! Keep it up!” 
As young people in Uruguay look forward to meditating on the message every week and engaging in God’s Word, we praise God for the ways we see these people bless others! By sharing the message through their own networks and platforms, a new generation can come to follow Christ and grow in faith through Against the Current!