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God is at Work in Quebec

God is at Work in Quebec

Read how our Quebec partner, Aujourd'hui l'Espoir, uses their phone line to connect with callers and enrich their faith.

We are praising God for changed lives in Quebec! While there is hesitancy and reluctance when it comes to Christianity in the province, with only about 1 per cent of the population identifying as evangelical Christian, there has been a significant increase of callers using the Hope Line. TWR Canada partner Aujourd’hui l’Espoir uses this phone line to connect with callers to hear their stories, answer questions, and provide them with resources that will build their understanding of God and enrich their faith. Through the Hope Line, we connect listeners to local churches who then support them in finding Christian community and fellowship. Pandemic restrictions didn’t allow for many new believers to try out churches, but we have seen a growing increase in callers desiring to attend evangelical churches and who are seeking God’s will for their lives. Pray that those who seek this fellowship will find where God is calling them to go. May you be encouraged by these stories of changed lives showing God’s work being done throughout Quebec, as told by Hope Line follow-up volunteers:

“Mr. M. has read the entire Bible and has grasped the importance of salvation by grace. He has the desire to tell others about it. This man has the contact information for a church just a few minutes from his home. I told him about a course on the good news that he could take. Thank you for your good work for the glory of our Lord.”

“He is clearly on a journey but not yet saved. He is drawn to the Word. We had a very good discussion about salvation without works through faith in Jesus alone. I showed him some verses in the Bible. He asked me what church I attended. I wouldn't be surprised to see him arrive at church on a Sunday morning. He was happy that I came unaccompanied; it seemed to build his confidence. I told him he had nothing to worry about, that I wouldn't bother him. I simply offered him my phone number in case he had any questions. He wrote it down. We'll see what happens next.”

The AE team personally and encouragingly listens, prays, and assures Hope Line callers of God’s faithfulness and goodness. The team then connects callers with a church in their community, who follows up with the caller and continues to build a relationship. Praise God that this on-the-ground work through partnering churches has been increasing again as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Uncertainty and anxiety present themselves to most of us daily; while we plant seeds, we trust that the next steps remain in Jesus’ hands to change and heal hearts.

Just like those living in Quebec, when we’re feeling hopeless, lost, unsure where God wants us or questioning why challenges arise, we know we can turn to God’s Word and pray to have the Holy Spirit guide us. Jesus taught in John 3:8 that just like the wind blows wherever it wants, without barriers, so God’s Holy Spirit can enter into us and cause us to see spiritual truth, desiring to know the things of God. The work of Jesus in our hearts is a private thing; we can’t objectively see, define or understand this process. This process also takes time — our relationship with Jesus shifts and grows as we draw nearer to know him. Our spiritual growth also may not be seen or understood by others. In a place like Quebec, many people face difficulties on their journey to find Christ, because it is difficult for them to see and hear the truth from other Christians. When they have questions of a spiritual nature, there are few places to go! Even with an irreligious culture and lack of nearby Christian communities, we see evidence the Spirit of God is moving there. Through the Hope Line and the ministry of Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, people can find help on their spiritual journey as the Spirit of God works in hearts to see and believe. 

Won’t you join us in praying that the Holy Spirit would move in Quebec, and that believers there would be empowered by the Spirit to spread the good news of salvation in their communities so that there may be more people born of the Spirit, pursuing life as a disciple of Jesus. We know that life in Jesus is the hope for the people of Quebec. May these testimonies fuel and inspire you to spread God’s hope in the places you are as well!