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Finding God in the Hidden Island of Sri Lanka

Finding God in the Hidden Island of Sri Lanka

For almost a decade, God's Unique Book has been instrumental in leading people to God in Sri Lanka. Learn more about how God's Word is transforming lives throughout the country.

If you were asked where in the world Sri Lanka is, would you be able to identify where on a map this country is located? Maybe, depending on how much you retained from geography classes, but it might take you a minute! This tiny island, shaped like a teardrop, is tucked along a crest of the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal, separated from the Indian peninsula by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. Across the island, which measures about 415 km, there are over 22 million Sri Lankans, with more than 70 per cent identifying as Buddhist and nearly 8 per cent identifying as Christian. With little Christian community and limited access to the gospel, where can these rurally interspersed, isolated believers turn to find spiritual nourishment? Through the power of radio, we can reach these hidden believers and provide the hope of God’s Word. That’s why we have been broadcasting God’s Unique Book to the hidden believers in Sri Lanka for almost a decade!  

Due to the nature of its climate, Sri Lanka is prone to droughts, floods, landslides, cyclones, and coastal erosion. Naturally, these extreme events affect the economy, as well as the health and spiritual quality of Sri Lanka. Across this primarily Buddhist nation, people of all backgrounds delight in the spiritual nourishment found in God’s Unique Book, with each program created in response to current events and listener inquiries. Believers share how the program has encouraged their faith. Check out the following testimonies to hear the hope garnered in the listeners’ own words! 

"I have been following this program for two years. It’s beneficial. My children also pay close attention to this program since you present it so well. I listen with great attention. Your drama is wonderful. I'm also learning general life principles from it." 

"I come from a different faith. It was by chance that I stumbled on this broadcast. Despite being centred on another religion, this program contained valuable life teachings. Those factors contribute to a prosperous existence. The host clearly discusses the importance of oral hygiene. I'd like to continue listening to this. Please provide additional information." 
Radio broadcasts are an effective means to audibly enlighten listeners with the truth of God’s Word. But radio programming isn’t all the team in Sri Lanka does to spread the hope of the gospel to the country. They’re also active on social media; they distribute Bibles, media players filled with biblical programming, as well as other materials for believers to read and grow in faith. The team visits churches, as well as listeners in their homes; and responds to phone calls, WhatsApp and text messages. These efforts encourage hidden believers, deepen their understanding of and connection to God, and promote the spread of the gospel in an area of the world with limited access to the Bible.  

Here in Canada, we are so privileged to be able to serve our Lord so openly, and we are reminded in his Word that through God anything is possible; that beyond our understanding, he can move mountains in the hard, hidden and hostile areas of the world, like Sri Lanka. If you feel called to reach hidden believers in Sri Lanka with the hope found in Christ, and offer strength to the team amid their efforts to speak this hope, we invite you to partner with us here!