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Faithful, Not Fearful: God Speaks in French to West Africa

Faithful, Not Fearful: God Speaks in French to West Africa

God continues to reach French-speaking communities in West Africa through Discipleship Essentials programming. Read stories from listeners of how this program builds their spiritual lives.

Since October 2020, the Discipleship Essentials radio program has been airing to French-speaking communities in West Africa. Each week, listeners tune in to hear a conversation discussing one of the lessons from the library of Discipleship Essentials resources, which dig into topics such as who Jesus is and what it means to have a relationship with him, family life, spiritual gifts and fostering healthy small group relationships. In the last few months, we’ve received an average of over 250 responses each month from listeners! These responses included questions, requests for additional biblical resources and listeners testifying how much the program encouraged them or that it brought them to Christ. May you be encouraged by these stories of God speaking hope to West Africa in their heart language!

“I am glad I found my favourite program. This program really contributed to my spiritual restoration and my current ministry when I was younger in faith. Today, I am successfully leading a ministry overseas. When I returned home on holiday, I realized that it is still being broadcast. Glory be to God! May God bless the lives of all the producers.”

“I am very happy with the Discipleship Essentials program. This is what I needed to better understand the Scriptures and what God expects from a Christian. Here, my questions are all answered. The lesson of a brother supporting his younger brother allowed me to better understand the life of the disciples. Thank you so much!”

“My prayer every time I listen to this beautiful program is that I become an essential and authentic disciple! I want to reflect the life that the Lord Jesus Christ himself gave us. Thank you! Your teachings help me enormously.”

“One must be a disciple to make disciples of Jesus Christ. When this condition is not met, it is possible to make disciples, but they are the disciples of a man, a movement or a sector. You have to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and live an authentic life that glorifies God in order to impact others and make them disciples! Thank you for these insights! God bless you.”

Through these programs, God is using the airwaves to broadcast hope to West Africa, uplifting French-speaking people to unite and build his Church!

As we praise God for the impact French-language programs have around the world, we reflect on a call to humble ourselves before the Lord and trust in his provision. Another listener of the Discipleship Essentials program shares, “Let us be confident and not confused, valiant and not timid, faithful and not fearful, as we lift up the light of the Lord in these days.”

Thank you for reading! If you are curious to learn more about the DE resources, check them out on TWR360, where they are available in more than 12 languages!