Speaking Hope

Deliverance through Jesus in Quebec

Deliverance through Jesus in Quebec

Quebec is the largest unreached people group in North America, but there is hope! Discover how our ministry partner, Aujourd’hui l’Espoir, is connecting with individuals in real and practical ways. Building connections, sharing hope, and pointing people to God!

Do you ever find yourself waking up feeling drained and exhausted? Like you can feel a hole within you, but you don’t know how to fill it or what to fill it with? More than ever, many of us are thirsty and hungry, curious for something more. We are itching for understanding and strength, seeking answers and solutions to our problems, and relief from our suffering. We’re living in uneasy times and need deliverance from our fears and anxieties, which we find in Jesus. But how can people who do not yet know Jesus experience this deliverance?  

In Quebec, the largest unreached people group in North America, our ministry partner Aujourd’hui l’Espoir connects with listeners who call the toll-free Hope Line, reaching out with questions or who are seeking biblical resources to grow in faith. Whether they’re calling after watching the television show La Parole Vivante or listening to an audio program, people are longing to shed their pain and suffering, and are yearning for comfort. Through the Hope Line and connections with local churches, they’re experiencing comfort and deliverance through spiritual community and in having a relationship with Jesus.    

Recently, a caller shared, “I heard about you by watching an episode on TV. It piqued my curiosity. For about one year, I’ve been experiencing an awakening, following a prayer of despair after the death of my mother. I started asking questions. My life is changing a lot and I’ve been feeding my soul with the Word of our Lord Jesus for months now. 

“The main reason I’m reaching out to you is to deepen my knowledge. For the time being, I’m not going to church in person because I’m anxious. I’m working on myself more and more, though. 

“Every Sunday morning, I listen to a YouTube livestream from a church. I don’t consider myself a member of any religion at the moment, even though I was baptized Catholic as a child. I rely more on my Bible study for now. I am at the beginning of my awakening, as I have never practiced Catholicism; hence my desire to have more information.” 

This caller isn’t the only one who is finding deliverance in Jesus. One of the Hope Line volunteers, Annabelle, shared another story of a changed life, a woman who called the Hope Line, thirsty to know God. This woman shared that she asked God to help her forgive her mother and he did. She trusted in God and asked for forgiveness for all her sins. Now, she loves God and prays to him constantly. She realized that she can’t pray to anyone or anything else. She threw away idols she had at home. 

“She needs a spiritual family, from what I can see, and would like to talk to Christians,” Annabelle mentioned. “She even stopped watching a program she had previously been watching because she said it wasn’t teaching according to the Bible. She’s alone, with no friends, no family. She hardly goes out. She has anxiety and wants to be delivered from it. I prayed for her on the phone and she was very touched. 

“After we brought her literature, we invited her to a women’s luncheon the following Saturday. She refused at first but decided to come. She really enjoyed it and even managed to share about herself. The next day, Sunday, she attended the church service and was blessed.” 

Annabelle followed up with her again over the next few months and shared, “This lady thirsts for spiritual knowledge. She’s obviously born again! She told me how surprised she was that she didn’t feel anxious at the ladies’ luncheon, nor on her first visit to church the next day. After ten years of loneliness, she had a great time with these ladies and her brothers and sisters in Christ. She got in touch with some of the women she met at the Saturday luncheons, as she realizes she needs to talk about spiritual things with other believers.”  

These stories show how God reveals himself personally to people. Through God’s people, God speaks to us and shows us our need for Jesus’ love. Fear and anxiety can feel incredibly uncomfortable, but we can bring our doubts and worries to our Saviour and trust in him for deliverance. Would you join us in praying for those seeking deliverance in Quebec? You can also donate here to speak hope to the province through television, media, spiritual connection and more!