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Bible Stories Alive in Africa: Biblical Knowledge for Children Through Storytelling

Bible Stories Alive in Africa: Biblical Knowledge for Children Through Storytelling

Learn more about how Bible Stories Alive provides children with foundational biblical knowledge through storytelling.

June 16 is International Day of the African Child — a day which focuses attention on the barriers African children face in order to receive a quality education. At TWR Canada, we care deeply about teaching children the Bible while also desiring to reflect Jesus in all that we do. In following what Jesus says in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (ESV), we have partnered with TWR Kenya to share the good news of the gospel and his kingdom through Bible Stories Alive. As we recognize International Day of the African Child, we praise God for instilling enthusiasm into the hearts of these kids as they learn from Bible Stories Alive and for the technological means he has granted us to make biblical education for these children possible.

Bibles Stories Alive is a weekly program that provides children with foundational biblical knowledge through storytelling. Translated by TWR Kenya into Swahili from the English series written by Kitty Anna Griffiths, the program is aired on TWR’s stations in Voi, Marsabit, Kakuma and Lodwar. The stories are primarily intended to reach children between the ages of 4 and 8, but over the years it’s been noted that children between 8 and 15 have also been tuning in. 

In recent months, most of the stations have been busy hosting children in the studio. Turkana County, where Maata and Atoo broadcast from, had some extreme weather, though through the grace of God they were still able to host children from Kawalase. This is an area prone to severe flooding of the Kawalase river.

“We thank God for his protection on the children,” the team at TWR Kenya shared. “The children returned to school at the end of last year after being home for almost a year. It is very difficult to implement COVID-19 safety protocols in the areas where we broadcast, mainly because of the poverty levels. However, the children have been resilient and went back to school with almost no severe reports of sickness.” Praise God!

As COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, the stations have been able to hold more studio visits and connect with listeners. Maata Radio has begun hosting an abundance of children’s activities, was privileged to accommodate children from a local school, as well as visit the local church where staff and children interacted and listened to more BSA programs. 

TWR Canada President Dan Reese’s trip to Kenya was delayed from December to March, however, the refugee children in Kakuma fervently proceeded with their presentations. In the studio, the children presented poems, riddles, sayings, songs, and Bible stories. The team shared some videos with us, where resounding ‘amens’ from the children’s hearts and mouths flooded the studio.

Atoo FM in Kakuma was able to host children in the studio during their half term school break. Since the Bible Stories Alive program started airing, the station has been visiting different churches in the refugee camp to share with them the Word of God. This also serves to reach the Sunday school teachers and children to invite them to join the live show in the studio every Saturday. What a joy to see the spreading of God’s Word in motion!

We have received many responses from the parents and guardians of Bible Stories Alive listeners:

“This program is impacting the little children by giving them Bible stories and their lessons. The stories remind us of the background information about our salvation. As a parent, together with my children, we are learning a lot.”

“This is exactly what our children need, teaching of the Word in a way they understand.”

“Jesus said let children come to me, and surely SIFA FM has fulfilled that by giving opportunities to little ones. Blessings.”

“May the mighty God bless and open the ways for SIFA FM for remembering our children on the program. TWR and SIFA FM radio are the best for kids and adults. Be blessed.”

Would you join us in praying with TWR Kenya for the education of children? Due to the COVID-19 interruption in the school calendar, there is a backlog of primary and secondary final exams. Pray for these children as they sit for exams, that they can recall what they’ve learned, and that they will excel. Please also pray for a peaceful election in August 2022 with primary and secondary schools acting as polling and counting stations. We pray that this will not be a further disruption to the education of the students. Pray, too, for the ministry of Bible Stories Alive in Kenya, that children, guardians, and teachers alike will continue being blessed and spiritually nourished through the program. While we recognize various hindrances and challenges in receiving quality education, we also know that the Lord rewards those who seek him (Hebrews 11:6). Praise God for his goodness and his work being done in Kenya!