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15,000 Radio Home Groups and Counting!

15,000 Radio Home Groups and Counting!

Read more to be encouraged by the impact that radio home groups are having across South Asia. God is changing lives!

A radio home group is a small group of 5-8 people who gather weekly to listen to biblical programming on a media player and then discuss what they have learned. Groups welcome believers looking to deepen their faith, as well as those who are curious about Jesus. These intimate groups hold space for members to ask questions and for leaders to come prepared to compassionately address these questions.

What began in India and saw great success has expanded into radio home group ministries across South Asia. There are now more than 15,000 radio home groups across the region in countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal! TWR Canada firmly believes radio home groups are a vital way to expand God’s kingdom through intentional discipleship efforts. Read on to see how radio home groups are changing lives!

A radio home group leader in Bangladesh shared, "I lead a radio home group. I received this fantastic media player from TWR about two years ago. At first, I didn’t fully comprehend their significance. But last month, I began listening to the program. It has touched my heart with its biblical teachings. Since then, I've run my group consistently and listened to the program frequently. In my personal, family and spiritual lives, this media player is very significant."

Another radio home group member in Bangladesh shared how helpful it was to audibly receive biblical teachings due to his reading disability: "My radio home group is made up of a total of eight people. I had no idea how to pray before receiving this beautiful media player. Due to my reading disability, I was unable to read the Bible. But after I received the radio, I started using the organized audio Bible classes to teach myself. Just by listening to the programs, my life was transformed and I accepted Jesus as my Saviour! Since then, I've learned how to pray. Having a media player is a huge privilege for me. I can express to God all my needs via prayer. This media player is a blessing from the Lord in my life. Thank you to TWR, as well as to the Lord."

We have heard from many radio home group members that the programs are beneficial to their spiritual growth. We’re also hearing how the radio home groups are reaching the next generation with the gospel! Scripture is plentiful with instructions to spread the hope of the gospel to the next generation (Psalm 78:4 and Joel 1:3, for example). Radio home groups address this need for training through discipling and equipping members (of all ages!) with God’s wisdom and biblical direction.

In Sri Lanka, one radio home group member understands God’s mission and shared the following testimony: “This radio home group is very important for me. I can solve a lot of biblical problems that I faced in my life by listening to the program. I am now very interested in reading and learning from the Bible. And I learned about the importance of being involved in God’s mission through this program, therefore now I am actively involved with my church’s mission activities.”

God is changing lives!

In Nepal, radio home groups are growing in interest. One Bhojpuri listener shared how his wife listened every day on her phone to the radio broadcasts. Specifically, she was intrigued with a program that discussed God’s love, healing and redemption. She wondered, “Who is this God?” The next day she learned this God is Jesus Christ who has saved us from sin! At the end of their testimony, the husband shared, “Today we have a media player we received from TWR Nepal. It is a resource to connect to God. Thank you.”

Praise God for the ways he meets our needs and enriches our faith so we can come to understand and glorify him. Please pray that radio home groups will continue to grow across South Asia so families and individuals alike can continue to grow in faith and pass the hope of Jesus down to future generations.

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