SOTA - Trans World Radio Canada
Markham, Ontario Canada

All around the world, there is a tremendous need for trained leaders for the Chinese church. TWR Canada helps to meet this need through SOTA (Seminary on the Air). SOTA is a 3-4 year intensive seminary training program for Chinese believers and church leaders around the world.

SOTA is constantly evaluated and new lessons and technology added to remain relevant and challenge students. Over the last five years, TWR Canada's Chinese Ministry has moved SOTA content away from radio broadcasts and instead focused on creating SOTA course content in audio formats available on media players, MP3 devices and USBs, online content for download and streaming, a set of six textbooks, and an interactive tablet containing all the course lessons, instructor videos, and additional theological supplemental content.

SOTA students range in age from early 20s to nearly 80 years of age. We have SOTA student groups and individual students all over the world.


"At the very beginning of my learning, there is a lot of pressure and I really didn’t know whether I can last or not. There are so many lessons to learn and exams to write. Although there are regular student meetings, I still have to listen to the lessons on my own. I am easily distracted. Through the encouragement from fellow SOTA students and SOTA, I pray to God before each lesson and before each exam. Amazingly, I can quiet down and focus. As the Bible opened up my heart and mind, I became more and more eager to learn. I am now a SOTA graduate but I can’t stop learning. I will use what I have learned to serve in the church. I am now participating in Tuesday night Bible study as well as taking more Bible study training to better equip myself."

"After I learned the Bible study method, I used what I have learned to read the word of God and continue to grow in Christ. As I study the word of God, I understand clearly what it says and I respond with action and apply what I learned in my life and after that, God’s Word became alive in my life and I can see how trustworthy and powerful God’s Word is. It is so important to study the Word of God systematically and correctly. Before I learn from SOTA, I didn’t have a way to understand the Word of God and I read it subjectively based on my own personal view, I didn’t do myself nor others any good at all and I could’t experience God at all. If we don’t experience the power of the word of God, how sad it is!"

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the SOTA students, that they would be diligent in their studies.
  • Pray for the staff and volunteers who run SOTA and mark papers and assignments.
  • Pray for Chinese churches around the world that their leaders would be strong and godly leaders.

By giving to SOTA, you are equipping leaders of the Chinese church around the world.