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The main goal for SOTA International is to equip workers for the churches in China, but there are mainland Chinese Christians living all over the world, including right here in Canada, looking for instruction and training. SOTA Canada provides seminary level training so that after graduation, or even during their training, pastors and lay leaders can serve in the churches where they are or equip them for when they return to China.

SOTA is important for the Mainland Chinese churches in Canada because many church members are first generation Christians and first generation pastors. English is a second language for many of them making traditional seminary programs difficult to access. Many are already working full time in their churches and require a program that has flexible hours and online accessibility for lessons and instructor feedback.

The graduates of SOTA Canada will serve as leaders, Bible teachers, and group leaders in their churches. They will either help the first generation pastors in pastoring the church or they will become part of the pastoral team if they don't have a pastor for their church yet.

“We have seen slow but steady progress in the SOTA Canada program, and as more graduate and go on to lead and help lead their churches God's kingdom will grow and increase. All glory to God!”
--Dr. William Tsui
Donate 20 Amber St, Markham, ON, Canada
Discipleship; Leadership Development