Persian Ministry - Trans World Radio Canada

For over 30 years, TWR Canada has been broadcasting hope to the Persian-speaking world. What started as a 15-minute weekly program has expanded into one hour daily programs on shortwave radio, 24/7 satellite and web radio, a large social media presence, training conferences for believers and print and audio Bible stories for children. This ever-growing and ever-changing ministry reaches an area of the world where being a Christian is dangerous. Currently, we reach the Persian-speaking world through:

  • National Workers - national workers are important for effectively ministering to people in-country in the Persian-speaking world. They assist with translation, contextualization, on-the-ground coordination and follow up, leading house churches and other types of work
  • Bible Stories for Children - we are translating and producing Bible stories into Persian for children and families in the Persian-speaking world
  • Portable Media Devices - it is dangerous to distribute portable media devices with Christian content in the Persian-speaking world. When we are able to distribute portable media devices, our national workers distribute the content
  • Bible Distribution - we have taken part in distributing audio and print Bibles in Iran
  • Training Conferences - in a safe location, we host conferences for Persian believers to study God's Word, worship and fellowship together
  • Online Ministry - using web radio and social media, we have an increasing online presence and engagement with Persian believers
  • Discipleship Essentials - this library of discipleship resources is available for Persian believers
  • Biblical Counselling - based on 50 of Hope for the Heart's Biblical Counselling Keys, a radio program was created to biblically counsel Persian believers

Your gift to the Persian Ministry will go towards reaching the Persian-speaking world through the projects listed above.