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Summer 2019

Business as Usual: God Doing the Unusual
Business as usual is the most important thing we do because business as usual is doing ministry – maintaining long-term commitments and following God’s direction for new opportunities – no matter what else is happening around us.
Growth in Burundi
TWR Canada has been involved in the ministry in Burundi for nearly 20 years, and we continually see the ways in which God is working in the nation. Since 2000, we have produced and aired two weekly programs: Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer
God's Amazing Faithfulness to SOTA
For many years, SOTA has been equipping Chinese pastors and lay people with a solid theological foundation allowing them to minister with truth and competency. Over the last few years, God has grown the ministry in remarkable ways, far more than we could have anticipated!
God Speaks Their Language
“We want to reach out to a people group in our area. Can you help us?” It must bring delight to God’s heart when his people see the need of their neighbours and want to introduce them to Christ.
Broadcasting the Truth in Cuba: Louder than Ever
TWR Canada has been working in Cuba for many years. We continue to offer support to Alberto Gonzales, the RTM Cuba ministry director and his team. Steve Shantz, Vice President of Latin America & Caribbean for TWR International, is a Canadian missionary. 
Join With Us!
In our everyday business as usual, we have the privilege of watching God work and move in incredible and often unusual ways. We are thankful for his provision for the ministry of TWR Canada and for equipping us to bring hope to people across the globe and introduce them to a saving faith in him.

Winter 2019

God Speaks My Language
“I never knew the impact that TWR has around the world!” I have heard this so many times. For years, we have been told that TWR is the best kept secret in missions.
The Value of Partnership
Partnerships are a vital part of TWR Canada’s DNA. Working together towards a common goal increases our ability to do more.
More than Radio
How do we reach a 20-year-old in Delhi, India, who owns a smartphone, is tech-savvy and communicates solely with that phone? You use the smartphone.
Global Media
TWR's international network reaches millions in 160 countries in 230 languages.