MediaNexus is TWR Canada's media content management & distribution platform. We use it to power our apps and websites, and now we're making it available to other Christian ministries and churches!

MediaNexus Core: Our central repository for your content and metadata (titles, keywords, summaries, etc.). Already sharing your content elsewhere? Leave it there, and use MediaNexus to standardize all your metadata for easy and consistent distribution through your own personalized MediaNexus App. 

MediaNexus Apps come in three versions:

  • Online Apps: Our most full-featured app. Add or update content on your apps in any language at any time. Download our Speak Hope demo app for Android phones and tablets or iPhones and iPads, or see how we've customized it for others.
  • Offline Apps: Great for locations where internet is unreliable or expensive, our offline apps are designed to be distributed on SD cards or USB sticks, and never need internet access.
  • Creative Access Apps: Contact us to learn about this option for countries where internet usage may be monitored or restricted.

WordPress Plugin: Share your content on any WordPress website with our new plugin!


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