Media Players

Canadian Christians often view their faith as personal and private. However, most followers of other faiths are not offended when we share our own beliefs. In fact, they often expect us to share our faith with them if it’s important to us! But taking that first step can be intimidating.

Our devices offer an easy way to start meaningful spiritual conversations. Consider buying some to give as gifts as part of a neighbourhood outreach, for visitors or new Canadians, or encourage your church members to give these as gifts to friends and neighbours at Christmas, Easter, or “just because!” And when you purchase one, you help us share the message of hope around the world with those who cannot afford to buy one themselves!

Content Included:

Audio New Testament, and approximately 200 sermons on the books of Luke, John, Acts, Galatians, Hebrews and Proverbs, provided by partner ministry Thru the Bible.

Additional content customization options available for churches and ministries (including your own content). Contact us for more details.

Audio Players:

These players include an FM radio and preloaded content, and make great gifts for newcomers. They can be used individually with headphones or using the speaker for large groups. FM Radio included, no computer needed!

USBs & SD cards:

While less expensive, these devices require more technical expertise, as well as a computer or compatible smartphone. Contact us for details.

Languages Available:

Arabic // English // French // Hindi // Mandarin // Persian (Farsi) // Punjabi // Somali // Spanish // Urdu // Zulu

Additional languages can be prepared for a content preparation fee of $100. This fee will be waived for orders of 25 audio players or more.

Audio Player Pricing 


Audio player, USB charger only

Tier 1, 1-9 audio players

$45 each including shipping 

Tier 2, 10-24 audio players

$30 each + shipping

Tier 3, 25+ audio players

$24 each + shipping

All orders placed and purchased by churches and ministries, regardless of quantity, will be invoiced at the discounted Tier 3 pricing.

Contact us

Reach out to us for a free consultation to determine the best device for your use, and to place your order. Pre-payment is required for orders of less than 10 devices. An invoice (including shipping costs) will be emailed after order confirmation for orders of 10 or more.

A portion of the proceeds of each media player purchase supports TWR Canada's global media player initiatives. Please contact us for details on shipping times or for a custom order.

*At this time, we can only ship to addresses in Canada.