Global Ministry

Nearly 50 years ago, TWR Canada began broadcasting the message of the gospel through radio programs. As time went on, we began to also use other methods of sharing the hope of Christ. In more recent years, rapid changes in technology have allowed us an even greater footprint than ever before. Different technologies allow distribution in hard-to-reach places or among hard-to-reach people groups. TWR Canada uses the best forms of technology to share the hope of Christ with specific people. Today that includes radio, internet, social media and TV, as well as portable media such as USB drives, SD cards, mobile apps and media players.

Our Global Ministry has a variety of different focus points including areas of evangelism and discipleship as well as ministry for the whole family, leadership development and opportunities for mobilization and prayer. You can learn more about our global ministry here

A part of the work we do is following up with our listeners. This is done by local teams on the ground who answer calls or texts, receive and respond to emails, and utilize social media for comments or messages. From this we learn incredible stories of lives changed. You can read some of these here

We work with churches and individuals to provide portable media devices for local use or to be distributed on mission trips or any cross-cultural travel. We can customize the content and the type of device based on the needs of those who will receive it.


We are humbled to be used in God’s work around the world and we are also grateful for the support of our Canadian partners and supporters to sustain current projects and expand our ministry. Your gifts go towards these projects and many others, with the goal of bringing God’s hope to people all over the world.

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