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    The Only Door

    April 5, 2019 By Dr. Peggy Banks
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    “So Jesus again said to them, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you,
    I am the door of the sheep.’”  John 10:7 (ESV)

    Over the past three years, it has been the greatest blessing for me to visit our teams around the world. When I travel, I love to take photos of unique doors. However different they are, they all lead somewhere. They all require me to take a step of faith and walk through the door to reach another destination.

    What is the door that Jesus is talking about? An outstanding Bible Knowledge Commentary gives us the context to understand this image:

    After a shepherd’s flock has been separated from the other sheep, he takes them to pasture. Near the pasture is an enclosure for the sheep. The shepherd takes his place in the doorway and acts as a door. The sheep can go out to the pasture, or if afraid, they can stay behind the door in the security of the shepherd. The spiritual meaning is that Jesus is the only doorby which people can enter into God’s provision for them.

    Did you notice the phrase “acts as a door?” It doesn’t say that Jesus points to the door or even that he shows us how to open the door for ourselves. It says Jesus is the door. Have you walked through the door that is Jesus? Have you found a new life and new destination for all eternity? Are you able to say that you are a child of God because you entered his household through the door of Jesus Christ?

    Today, I’m thankful that I can say that I am a child of God. In Jesus, I have been set free from the pain of my past and know the purpose of my future by walking through this door of faith.

    Jesus came to this earth to live a sinless life and die a sacrificial death so that we might have eternal life with God. Jesus is saying that it is through this door that we find hope and healing forever.

    This month we are praying for God to touch hearts and lives to the truth of the gospel. Thank you again for your faithfulness in reaching the world for Christ through our messages of hope.

    In Him our hearts rejoice,

    Dr. Peggy Banks, Global Ministry Director
    TWR Women of Hope