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  • Mar22Fri

    The Hardest Questions

    March 22, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    Issues Women Face

    How do you deal with having been unwanted since before you were born?
    No one celebrated your birth. Your parents dread your wedding day because your groom will expect to be paid. You may be discarded or killed by his family if the dowry is unacceptable.

    What if no one wants to marry you?
    A bride’s value depends on her purity, but that can be stolen away. Failing to “avoid” being raped brings shame to your entire family. Just to avoid the risk, your father marries you off as early as nine years old. Now you are someone else’s problem.

    What can you do when your husband beats you, but the authorities believe that you deserve it?
    Laws are in place to protect you from child marriage, rape and domestic violence, but if no one even thinks they should be upheld, what recourse do you have?

    And what do you do when you become pregnant, but the ultrasound says it’s a girl?
    Your family’s future is at stake. They say, “Raising a daughter is like watering your neighbour’s garden.” A son is an investment, your whole retirement plan. A daughter is a burden and then gone. But who will help you with the burden of guilt after you’ve aborted that baby girl – or abandoned her in the streets?

    Every day, women in India ask themselves these questions. They absorb rejection. They endure hardship. They plead before parents and judges and idols for someone to help and to care.

    And it’s not just the women in India. Women face realities like these everywhere, perhaps even right next door. But there is a God who sees each one, who knows every name. The question for us who know him is always,

    “What would he have us do?”

    (Originally published in “The Heartbeat,” Volume 21, No 2)