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  • Jun29Fri

    The Good in Difficult Times

    June 29, 2018 By the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    The news we most often hear about Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa is not good … not at all. There are conflicts and horrific scenarios flashed across our news outlets much of the time. It’s very easy to become discouraged and feel as though there is nothing much one person can do. Here, you’ll read something different. You will read what the faithful TWR Women of Hope Persian team is doing to share the love of Christ into this turmoil and fear. And you’ll read how the Lord is working in the hearts of many!

    Given the security concerns in this area, this ministry is done in a host country, but the ministry is growing. In addition to the prayer movement and the radio broadcasts, the ministry is active in responding to the practical needs of the women around them.

    Prayer Ministry: Currently there are 14 groups of women in the host country who pray regularly through the calendar: some groups pray weekly, others pray twice a week. There are several nationalities represented in these groups. As well, individuals are praying in other countries. Through FaceBook, the team is able to send the prayer calendars to underground churches, and there are at least 28 known groups.

    Practical Helps: The groups in the host country reach out to Muslim women, sharing the love of Christ in practical ways. They have rented a small apartment and established a shelter for women (with assistance from the church); currently there are six women living there. The groups also minister in a nearby refugee camp, reaching out to the women in the camp and giving them gifts, including radios and much-needed supplies. Additionally, the teams are involved in social activities like providing jobs for refugees, supporting widows with food and clothing and helping with other needs. They also hold a weekly Bible study here. Finally, they are involved in teaching women vocational skills each week.

    The Lord is blessing the work of their hands and the messages over the airwaves, as shown in responses from listeners of the Women of Hope radio broadcasts.

    From a listener: “I had some mental problems for a long time and used medicine every day, but they only put me to sleep and nothing more. The only thought which I had was why I was still alive. Even [though I tried to] commit suicide twice, I couldn’t succeed. When I came back from the psychiatrist I turned on the radio and accidently found your program. Your words gave me hope. After a while, I went to an Iranian church and met people there. They gave me a Bible, and I started to read it. I listen to your program regularly. Thank you for being there; your words saved my life.”

    As shared by the TWR Women of Hope Farsi team: “N. was pregnant and had a health problem; they took her to the hospital. She had been married a long time and was pregnant for the first time. The baby’s health was very important to them because they had been waiting a long time to have a baby. But she got worse at the hospital. They learned that the baby was disabled. During those days, they also learned that her mother in Iran died. It was a very, very difficult time for them.

    “During this time, they found comfort at church and through Women of Hope. The programs gave them hope and encouraged them to stand firm. The situation has not changed for them, but through the Holy Spirit they find the power to stand firm in their faith. Please pray for them.”

    God is at work! Let’s be encouraged to continue praying and believing that our God will do more than we can imagine! It’s already happening, and we can believe for more!

    (Photo not actual women in testimonies.)