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    September 2021 Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    August 27, 2021 By the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    September 2021

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    In September, we are praying for human trafficking
    . Please pray …

    1. Lord, protect unemployed Ukrainians and give them wisdom so they aren’t deceived by people with bad intentions offering attractive working opportunities abroad. (James 1:5)
    2. God Almighty, you can do the impossible. Provide Indian families with income and changed hearts so they will not sell their daughters into the sex trade. Give these girls a chance to study and learn new skills. (Mark 10:27)
    3. Lord, we pray for more opportunities to distribute MP3 players with the Hidden Treasures audio series in Germany. May women affected by prostitution find the website and connect with people who can help them find refuge in Jesus. (Ps. 37:40)
    4. God, we pray for South African women who are being trafficked but cannot talk to anyone about what they experience because of the danger it holds for them. Open our eyes to women in these situations and give us wisdom in how to help them. (Ps. 39:2)
    5. Father, sex trafficking is an open secret in Northern Cyprus. Change the hearts of lawmakers so that they will desire to effectively address this challenging issue. (Prov. 21:1)
    6. Father, children are often trafficked in the Philippines. Please free these children from slavery, heal them and provide them with safe shelter, food, education and hope in you. (Ps. 82:4)
    7. God, we pray for women living in hardship in Tanzania. They are often attracted to jobs in the Middle East, where some have been mistreated, raped or killed. (Jer. 22:3)
    8. During the pandemic, trafficking increased in Sweden because there were no lockdowns and women came from abroad to work in prostitution. Father, we pray for more police resources to combat this situation, for better cooperation between countries and for women who are rescued to receive needed assistance for rehabilitation. (Ps. 18:17)
    9. Father, provide freed prisoners in Poland with shelter and employment. Help them avoid illegal work offers that might lead to captivity again. (Prov. 24:11)
    10. Father, heal the minds and hearts of Cambodian women and girls whose families have sold them because of poverty. May they receive help from Christians and find salvation and hope in you. (Jer. 17:14)
    11. God, bring a change of heart and attitude in Liberians who traffic children from rural areas to cities, a change that halts these activities. Provide these children with shelter, food, education and counseling. (Ps. 127:3)
    12. Lord Almighty, we cry out for the Portuguese victims of forced labour. We pray that they will have decent living and working conditions. (Ps. 40:17)
    13. In South Korea, Lord, bring conviction of sin and repentance to those who take advantage of people with intellectual disabilities, beating them and making them work like slaves without fair compensation. (Lev. 25:17)
    14. God, we pray for Paraguayan women who have been deceitfully lured into prostitution in Europe. Please bring them home so they can be united with their families and with you. (Deut. 30:2-4)
    15. Lord, we thank you that the police are getting more resources to investigate and identify human trafficking in Finland. We are thankful that the law is changed to better help the victims. (Ps. 143:9)
    16. Lord, let your example of forgiving those who harmed you – “for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34, ESV) – help us as we encounter those who do not value the lives of women and use them in illegal ways.
    17. Lord, bring salvation and restoration to Romanian women who are being trafficked abroad. May Christian communities and anti-trafficking organizations effectively fight on their behalf. (Ps. 40:13)
    18. God, bring emotional and spiritual healing to Russians who were slaves during the war in the North Caucasus. May those ministering to survivors receive wisdom from you. (Ps. 22:24)
    19. God of mercy, we pray that survivors of trafficking in Ethiopia will have access to rehabilitation and reintegration services. Help Ethiopian lawmakers as they reform migration and trafficking policies. (1 Tim. 1:8-11)
    20. Almighty God, we pray that trafficked women in Denmark, including some from the mainly Christian areas of Nigeria, will call out to you. Give them strength to escape prostitution. (Ps. 27:1)
    21. God, give wisdom to the seven Indonesian ministries that are ready to fight against human trafficking and to follow the UN’s global compact on migration to protect migrant workers overseas. (Prov. 2:7-8)
    22. Lord, although there are anti-trafficking laws in Uruguay, the problem is difficult to control. Please free Uruguayan women and girls who are promised good employment in Europe but find themselves enslaved instead. (Isa. 61:1)
    23. Faithful Father, be with the children forced to work in Côte d’Ivoire’s coffee and cocoa fields. We pray that families in poverty will protect their children instead of selling them. (Matt. 19:14)
    24. In Spain, Lord, trafficking makes over 5 million euros per day. We pray that traffickers would be prosecuted, turn from their sin to you and be transformed. (Isa. 1:17)
    25. Holy God, 97 per cent of police-reported human-trafficking victims in Canada are women and girls, half being between the ages of 18 and 24. Use Canada’s 2019 National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking to protect the vulnerable, rescue the victims and stop the perpetrators. (2 Pet. 2:9-10a)
    26. In France, there are about 20,000 trafficked women from Eastern Europe, West Africa and Asia. Lord, guide Christian organizations in France as they help victims. (Matt. 25:35-36)
    27. God, may legal authorities in India understand and enforce their sex-trafficking laws, punish offenders and reject bribes. (Exod. 23:8)
    28. Lord, show us how to infiltrate human-trafficking networks to rescue and restore women to life within a community where they are valued and find dignity and purpose. (1 John 1:7)
    29. Lord, comfort the grieving families who are suffering the loss of a daughter or son due to sex and labor trafficking. (Ps. 62:1-2)
    30. Awaken your church, Lord, to become part of the solution by becoming informed in how to identify human trafficking and to call tip lines when believers suspect illegal activity. (Ezek. 34:11-12)