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    Rhoda - The Girl Who Persisted

    January 19, 2018 by the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Devotional, Women of the Bible
    In the book of Acts, there’s this remarkable story of Peter being released from prison by an angel (Acts 12). Embedded within that story is mention of a servant girl who was called crazy.

    Rhoda was a servant in the household of Mary, the mother of John Mark. Most scholars agree this is the same man who travelled with Paul and Silas, was a cousin to Barnabas and authored the gospel of Mark. The apostle James, brother of John—the beloved disciple–had been executed, and Peter was next, so the Church had gathered to pray for a miracle. Rhoda, it’s assumed, was part of the group praying in Mary’s house.

    There was a knock at the door and it was her duty to identify the caller. These were dangerous times to gather as a church so she approached cautiously and asked who’s there. Peter answered and she recognized his voice, the text says. She didn’t open the door, didn’t have visual proof or confirmation that their prayers had been answered; she just heard what she believed was his voice.

    She ran back to the group and announced Peter was outside the gate, but the group dismissed her and called her crazy. The church was busy praying and didn’t want to be interrupted—even to receive the miracle they’d been asking for. Rhoda persisted. She kept speaking the truth even though they didn’t want to hear it. They explained away the sound of Peter’s voice she’d heard by saying, “It is his [Peter’s] angel.” The knocking continued and when they finally opened the door they were amazed to find Peter standing there.

    The Lesson For Us

    Have you prayed for a miracle but without really believing the impossible could happen? Rhoda believed. She didn’t need to see Peter; she only heard his voice through the door and was overcome with joy. So much so that everything else flew out of her head. Are you still overcome with joy at answered prayers?

    Rhoda persisted with her story though no one believed her. Are you persistent about what you know to be true even when others mock you? That’s not an easy thing to do and many of us are silenced by it.

    So many aspects of this story strike a chord because at times we can all feel unseen and unheard and yet have a remarkable story to share. Sometimes there will be ridicule for believing in something that others need proof of.

    That Rhoda’s involvement in this story, however brief, is recorded shows that God sees these small go-between moments. Not only were Rhoda’s prayers answered in Peter’s miraculous escape from prison, but there was a blessing for her and teaching for those who were with her that day–and for us. When you know the truth, when your faith fills you with joy and even though others mock you, remember Rhoda and persist.  

    There have been many hard facts in January’s prayer requests. Let’s continue to persist in intercession on behalf of these suffering women. We know the truth; we know that hope and healing is available in Jesus. Let’s be overcome with joy at answered prayers, and let’s be bold in the face of ridicule and mocking. Like Rhoda, let’s persist. May God be glorified.