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  • Mar15Fri

    Practicing the Presence of God

    March 15, 2019 By Dr. Peggy Banks

    “At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place.”
    Luke 4:42 (NIV)

    Some days I can get so distracted by the things of the world. How about you? Do you find yourself looking at social media or listening to the news of the day before you listen to what God has to say about today? There have been a few times when I was more distracted with a to-do list than I was determined to spend time with God. Yet even Jesus had to make time to be with his Father.

    What does it take to make time to speak with God in prayer? Well, it can look very different for each of us, and that is the freedom we have in Christ as we come to him each month in prayer.

    We can pray one request a day or take one morning to pray a week’s worth of requests. Some of our intercessors take one day in the beginning of the month to pray a whole month of requests. The important thing is that we are practicing the presence of God by meeting with him in prayer for women and children around the world.

    With each request I try to open not only my mouth but also my heart as I pray to know and share Christ’s heart for the specific situation we are focusing on that day. Every request is important to God. I’ve learned in my time with the Lord that it is important not only to speak with my mouth in prayer but also to listen with my ears and my heart as I place each request before him. Is there more I can pray after praying the written request?

    Praying through our prayer calendar doesn’t need to take a long time, but it can’t be rushed either. Each request spoken inwardly or aloud joins with thousands of others around the world as we all seek God’s heart for women and children who are hurting.

    Drawing closer to God each day in prayer gives us a deeper knowledge of God’s love, comfort, guidance and truth. I pray as you come before God this month that you will see the joy that comes from being in his presence in prayer.

    At the start of this year, I considered not including my personal letter to you alongside the monthly prayer calendar. As you can see, however, I’ve changed my mind. Frankly, it brings great joy to my heart to be able to encourage you and let you know that you are in my prayers every day. It is such a blessing to continue to journey with you in prayer for women around the world and across generations. So, until next month!

    In Him our hearts rejoice,

    Dr. Peggy Banks
    Global Ministry Director
    TWR Women of Hope