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    October 2021 Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    September 24, 2021 By the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    October 2021

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    In October, we are praying for violence, rape and domestic violence
    . Please pray …

    1. Father, stress from lockdowns has caused increased physical, mental, financial and sexual violence toward women in Japan. Enable these women to escape this abuse, receive help and find you as their light in the darkness. (Ps. 31:4)
    2. Father, six in 10 Indigenous women in Canada report being physically or sexually assaulted. We pray for changes in cultural mindsets, practices and laws that will help these women live without fearing violence. (Isa. 41:10)
    3. Lord, please transform the hearts and minds of men in India who disrespect and abuse women. May Indian women be held in dignity, be protected, receive education and find true peace in Jesus Christ. (Ps. 4:8)
    4. Lord Almighty, we praise you that laws in Finland have changed so victims of violence have better access to places of shelter. (Prov. 30:5)
    5. God of mercy, protect schoolgirls in Côte d’Ivoire from being raped by their teachers. We pray also that the cultural practice of female genital mutilation would be abolished and that victims would receive proper medical care. (Ps. 5:11)
    6. God our Father, watch over the women in Denmark who have lost their self-respect and do not have strength to escape the violence in their homes. Restore hope to them. (Ps. 68:19)
    7. Father, we pray for the healing of Korean family relationships in which violence in the home has caused families to break down, children to run away and the next generation to repeat this behavior. (Ps. 147:3)
    8. In Portugal, Lord, 67 per cent of young people think dating violence is acceptable. May they be taught what real love is and learn to respect one another. (1 John 4:10-11)
    9. Stress, poverty, lockdowns and unemployment have contributed to increased rape and violence against women in Uruguay. Lord, help people to find healthy ways of relieving stress and to choose working together to solve their problems. (Phil. 2:2)
    10. God, protect girls in Zimbabwe from abuse and rape perpetrated by relatives. When abuse occurs, may family members not be silent in hopes of “protecting the family name” but instead consider it their duty to guard, love and value these children. (Prov. 18:5)
    11. Lord, please bring repentance and healing to those whose broken hearts cause them to harm others in Romania. May your transforming love flow in them so they can learn to love others. (Titus 2:12)
    12. Lord, we pray for Paraguayan women suffering from all types of violence. May your people aid them in escaping violence and being set free through your Word. (John 8:36)
    13. We pray, Lord, for men and women in Poland who are addicted to alcohol. Heal their souls so they will not abuse their spouses or neglect their children. (Prov. 20:1)
    14. We pray, Lord, for women and children in France as domestic violence has risen greatly during lockdown. “Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.” (Col. 3:19, ESV)
    15. God, heal the hearts of women in the North Caucasus who have experienced violence and of Russian women who have lost faith in loving family relationships. (Ps. 72:13-14)
    16. Father, bring change to the attitudes and practices of those within Ethiopian culture who tolerate and enable violence against women. Bring healing to the 19 per cent of Ethiopian women who report physical harm by a partner. Many of the women need medical care for their injuries. (Ps. 30:2)
    17. Father, be with those affected by isolation and limited economic resources in Sweden. Protect them from stress that might lead to violence in close relationships. (Ps. 94:19)
    18. Lord, in Greenland, social problems like alcohol, drugs and high youth unemployment contribute to violent crimes. Bring spiritual revival so the people will turn to you. (Ezek. 11:19)
    19. God Almighty, we praise you that Indonesian police respond quickly when they hear about violence. “O LORD, you hear the desire of the afflicted…” (Ps. 10:17-18)
    20. Heavenly Father, we pray that you would bring domestic violence offenders in Spain to justice. May they repent and change their lives. (Ps. 11:5)
    21. Father, we pray for those who do not report rape in Cambodia because of shame and fear of someone taking revenge on their families. May they find courage and the help and protection they need. (Ps. 91:2)
    22. Dear God, every month, 10-15 girls in Liberia are raped by their fathers or caregivers. We pray that the police will prosecute and arrest the perpetrators. (Ps. 103:6)
    23. God Almighty, violence in South Africa has increased greatly. Please protect the victims in their homes, where most of the rapes and domestic violence occurs. (Isa. 32:18)
    24. God of mercy, bring peace and reconciliation to broken families in Northern Cyprus, where women suffer mental and physical violence. May the Women of Hope programs bring hope and healing to them. (Rom. 15:13)
    25. Lord, restore the hearts and minds of children in Tanzania who have been raped and violated in their homes. (Ps. 17:8-9)
    26. Father God, domestic violence is often hidden in Ukraine, with only 10 per cent of victims reporting it and many feeling that it is a private matter. Bring freedom, healing and justice to the violated. (Mark 4:22)
    27. May women in the Philippines suffering from rape and domestic violence speak up and find protection, healing and justice, and may their perpetrators turn away from violence and learn to respect women. (Isa. 1:16)
    28. Thank you, Lord, that there are countries with upright police officers. Give women affected by violence in these countries the self-esteem and strength needed to ask for help. (Ps. 46:1)
    29. Father, protect women from violence when they find themselves living in dangerous neighbourhoods or temporary housing due to national disasters, conflict or immigration. (Isa. 41:10)
    30. God, schools are meant to be safe places to learn and grow. Give wisdom to parents, teachers and administrators to not tolerate bullying or any form of violence in schools. (Ps. 32:7)
    31. Lord, in the same way you love us, help us love those who hate and hurt us. Help us find strength in you because you fight our battles. (Luke 6:27-28)