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    May 2020 Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    April 24, 2020 by Nicki Coles
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    May 2020

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    A Reason to Hope

    A 15-year-old girl named Miray* fled to Turkey to escape the violence of the ongoing civil war in her homeland of Syria. While there, a much older Turkish man took Miray as his wife and brought her to Istanbul. To her dismay, she discovered he already had a wife and three children.

    “They used to treat me like a housemaid, and his wife treated me very badly,” Miray told the Women of Hope response team.

    She now is 22 and not formally married. Despite having two children of her own, she has no identity card and no one to help with her many needs.

    Miray fled to Turkey knowing very little of the language. She said, “I was listening to the radio to learn some Turkish, and I found the Women of Hope radio program. Through them and through Christ, I have overcome my fears.”

    The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey reached 3.7 million by December 2019. Many girls like Miray have become child brides who are raped or beaten by their husbands. Still children themselves, they suffer complications during childbirth because of their undeveloped bodies and may even die.

    It is easy to despair when one lives in such turmoil. The Women of Hope radio broadcast provides the reason for people like Miray to again become hopeful.

    “Jesus helped me to grow through hard times and is still strengthening and helping me,” she shared. “Please pray for me.”

    * This is a pseudonym to protect her privacy.


    In May, we are praying for prayer. Please pray … 

    1. Thank you, Lord, for encouraging persecuted believers in Central Asia through the testimony and prayers of those who have persevered through hard times, guiding them even in desperate situations.
    2. Thank you, God, that as women gather in Paraguay to intercede and bear each other’s burdens, you are knitting hearts together and creating communities of support.
    3. Lord, please enable Dr. Peggy Banks to daily yield her thoughts, burdens and life to God so that she can lead others to find their hope in Jesus.
    4. We pray that in Korea and every nation, believers would develop compassionate hearts to pray for women and girls and join the TWR Women of Hope prayer movement.
    5. We pray that believers in Ukraine would be devoted to God, put their hope in him and continually pray to him.
    6. Father, we as the body of Christ respond to your call to repent of our sin. Would you pour out your Spirit of revival and committed prayer on your church worldwide? (Eph. 6:12)
    7. May Uruguay’s newly elected leaders have genuine faith in God and govern with godly wisdom and justice.
    8. We pray that women in Poland will seek intimacy with God daily, imitate his character and heart, and pray unceasingly for the lost and hurting.
    9. God, we pray for everyone who uses the prayer calendar in Albania to pray faithfully for all the requests understanding that you hear and value every prayer.
    10. God, you call us to battle on our knees. We fervently pray for those who have not heard the gospel – break down barriers, send workers, provide protection and bring people to salvation!
    11. We praise you, Father, for Nepalese Christians who use their radios at home and businesses to broadcast TWR and Women of Hope programs, which communicate the gospel message to all who listen.
    12. Thank you, Lord, for our African sisters who are role models of how to pray aloud freely. Give courage to those women from cultures who find it difficult to pray aloud, pray openly and pray with emotion in a group setting.
    13. Lord, may we not be anxious about anything, but always thankfully pray to you. We are grateful that your peace will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 4:6-7)
    14. Lord, give Christians in Central Europe who live in a wealthy environment the compassion to pray for impoverished people, resulting in godly action and charity.
    15. Father, we know that you want to encourage women in Romania to pursue a rich life of prayer. Raise up women there and around the world to model prayer and godly womanhood for the next generation.
    16. Help us, Father, to use our prayer lives as women, wives and mothers to influence our homes, marriages, workplaces and nations.
    17. We pray for French government officials to address the reasons for strikes and protests. Lord, give them godly wisdom for just rulings, and may peace come to this nation.
    18. Lord, lead those in Finland, so many of whom are tired of hectic and stressful lives, to the deep truths in your Word and to the silence of prayer.
    19. Father, give women in Canada the desire to pray together for one another and for TWR Women of Hope.
    20. God, may we be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. (Rom. 12:12)
    21. We pray that Christians in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands would prioritize prayer, making time for it personally and corporately.
    22. Thank you, Lord, that churches and individuals support the Croatian ministry in prayer. May these prayer warriors also serve women in their circles of influence in practical ways.
    23. Lord, we pray for peaceful elections in Ethiopia, for a strong economy, and for peace and protection of the Oromo people who suffer violence there.
    24. Teach us, Jesus, how to pray like you in complete dependence on the Father.
    25. God, we praise you that India distributes the prayer calendar in 11 languages. Would you draw Indian women to intercede in prayer for other women and for the protection and development of their nation?
    26. Father, strengthen Chinese Christian women as many remain single because there are not enough Christian men to marry. “For your Maker is your husband” (Isa. 54:5). Encourage the hearts of Christian women whose husbands are not yet believers.
    27. You have called us, God, to pray for the leaders of our nations. Be Lord over all spheres of government in South Africa and expose ungodly corruption.
    28. May believers in Serbia understand the importance of prayer and invest the time necessary to hear God’s voice and recognize God’s will for their country. God alone brings strength, peace and joy.
    29. May Latin American Christians desire, know and walk in your will. Give them a passion to come to you in prayer.
    30. Lord, we obediently offer petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving for all people and for those in authority over us. (1 Tim. 2:1-2a)
    31. Thank you, Father, for the International Day for the Unreached, for TWR’s founding partnership in the alliance that sponsors it and for the alliance’s vision, which urges every Christian to help make Christ known to unreached people groups.


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