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    June 2019 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    May 31, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team

    Praying for Women Refugees

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    Many times, God answers our prayers in ways we never expected. For years, thousands of TWR Women of Hope intercessors prayed that isolated women in the Arab world, Central Asia and North Africa would have the opportunity to hear of God’s love for them. Now, millions of these women have left the isolation they once faced in their home countries and are looking for safety and hope in Europe. That presents the opportunity for many to finally hear about God, who loves them and invites them to receive his gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, his son.

    While the European migrant crisis of a few years ago has moderated, worldwide there are millions of refugees and internally displaced people who have been forced to relocate because of war, persecution, starvation or natural disasters. While traveling to escape miserable conditions – and sometimes even after arriving at refugee camps – they are vulnerable to disease, rape, slavery, starvation and death. They are afraid and traumatized, and they need Christian friends who can offer them hope.

    Not only do these millions of refugees suffer physically, but the psychological trauma will haunt them for years. Most of them have left aging parents behind, watched loved ones die horrible deaths or been brutally beaten and raped. They now must learn new languages, laws and customs. Most are not welcomed in their new countries. Their presence will cause significant cultural changes in their new communities with the result that many of their neighbours will fear or hate them.

    TWR desires to speak hope to the refugees who have left everything in hopes of a better life. By partnering with churches and refugee ministries and equipping them with media devices that contain content addressing the life issues facing these asylum seekers, we can share the good news of Jesus Christ in their own languages and in a way that is culturally appropriate and relevant.

     “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them.”
    Leviticus 19:33 (NIV) 

    Please pray for …

    1. Refugee mothers trying to care for their families with limited supplies of food, clean water, electricity and sanitation.

    2. Women of Hope programs in the refugees’ own languages to reach those who want to learn about Jesus.

    3. The many refugees who accept Christ when they hear for the first time about God’s love and his gift of salvation. The freedom to choose their own beliefs is new to many of them, so pray that they will make wise choices.

    4. The refugees in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, one of the largest in the world, who face a cloudy future as plans to close down the facilities have been voiced multiple times.

    5. The thousands of refugees attending churches and even requesting baptism. Although some may do so in hopes that it will improve their chances for asylum, pray that many will truly become followers of Christ.

    6. The provision of willing foster families and safe homes for the nearly 760 unaccompanied refugee children who reside in Addis Ababa. Pray that the Lord would heal them from the psychological trauma resulting from exposure to violence during childhood.

    7. People who already struggle to provide for their own families and then witness their countries being flooded by thousands of needy refugees.

    8. The thousands of Eritreans in various refugee camps across Ethiopia seeking refuge from starvation, slavery, torture and killings in their country.

    9. Christian women in Europe reaching out to refugees seeking asylum. Pray that these refugees from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Europe will find a safe place, friendship and God’s gift of salvation.

    10. More than 800,000 Somali refugees mostly in Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen to hear Women of Hope in the Somali language and learn that Jesus Christ loves them and desires to give them dignity and freedom from the bondage of their demeaning cultural practices.

    11. The 140,000 refugees from Myanmar, mostly Karen, who live in refugee camps in Thailand, some for as long as 30 years. Around 70 percent of the Karen are Buddhist or animist, and about 25 percent are Christian. Pray that the S’gaw Karen Women of Hope program will bring comfort and peace to their troubled lives. These ethnic refugees fled their homeland to escape killings, torture, rape, landmines and forced labour.

    12. The survivors of massacres, ethnic cleansing, civil wars, civilian unrest, factional struggles, religious and political conflicts, and wars of independence, and ask the Lord to bring them together to provide healing and peace for their children.

    13. Women who become pregnant after being raped during war or while making difficult journeys as refugees. Ask the Lord to help them find the medical, psychological and spiritual help they need.

    14. Local inhabitants who feel threatened when they see hundreds or even thousands of refugees – bringing with them foreign cultures, religions and languages – moving into their communities.

    15. Refugees whose lives are in danger if others discover they are listening to Christian radio programs and studying the Scriptures.

    16. Christians who have fled their communities or countries because of religious persecution. Pray that they will find groups of believers who will love them and welcome them.

    17. Women and girls who have been severely beaten, brutally and repeatedly raped, and forced to marry religious militants out of fear for their lives or to save the lives of loved ones. Many commit suicide to escape the horrors of sex slavery.

    18. Families that have been separated and don’t know if some members are still alive. Even after finding lost loved ones, in many cases, they cannot reunite because they will lose their financial assistance and will not be able to survive together without it.

    19. TWR national partners and Christian organizations that directly interact with refugees as they distribute TWR programs and help seekers understand God’s truths.

    20. The leaders and people of Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, the main countries of destination among asylum applications.

    21. Mercy to be granted by leaders of countries hosting over 3 million Venezuelan migrants, refugees and asylum seekers as they seek alternative forms of legal status. This would enable them to remain where they are legally and to access basic rights and services.

    22. Governments around the world to establish legal and policy reforms necessary to effectively address and end statelessness, which describes people not considered nationals of any country. About one-third of these people are children.

    23. God to change the hearts of leaders in about two dozen countries that do not allow women to transfer nationality to their children, resulting in statelessness when the fathers are unknown, missing or deceased.

    24. International leaders to demand that abusive governments be held accountable for their attacks on the innocent as well as their misuse of valuable natural resources (oil, diamonds, etc.) and finances received from relief organizations. “Deliver me, my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of those who are evil and cruel” (Ps. 71:4).

    25. God’s Spirit to move throughout war-torn countries, healing hearts and minds and restoring families.

    26. U.N. peacekeepers called on to protect many of the more than 60 million refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. Pray that they will not abuse young women and girls but treat them with integrity and dignity.

    27. Women and girls in danger of being used as prostitutes or sold as “brides” to earn money for family members who are waiting for permission to work and improve their lives.

    28. Refugees and internally displaced people who experience horrors as they try to find safe places for their families to live. While some are fortunate enough to reach refugee camps that provide for their basic needs, few can work and live independently. Most face hopeless and desperate situations.

    29. Migrants who move to another country not because of persecution or war but for economic reasons and therefore are not given asylum. Most would rather die than be sent home, where there are no jobs and their families are suffering.

    30. The thousands of young girls who flee the violence of repeated rapes in Laos and Myanmar and then are caught up in sex slavery in Thailand. Pray that they will find a safe home in shelters where they can get job training and receive words of hope as they listen to the Burmese, S’gaw Karen, Isaan and Thai Women of Hope programs.

    All Bible verses, unless otherwise noted, come from The ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®); 2016 edition; copyright 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.