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  • Oct18Fri

    He Helps Me and Strengthens Me

    October 18, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team

    We have a very old radio at home, and I found your program by accident.

    Life had not turned out as she had planned, thought Nuray,* a 26-year-old Turkish mother of two. How she longed to escape from the repeated rapes and frequent beatings by her alcoholic husband. Because of his drinking, her husband could not keep a job, nor would he allow her to work.

    She explained, “Sometimes I would try to get part-time jobs so that I can take care of my children.”

    Nuray wanted to provide medical care for her two sickly children, but her husband always found out and took away any money she had earned. Having no extended family to help her, Nuray did not know where to turn – until one day when she turned on the radio.

    “We have a very old radio at home, and I found your program by accident,” Nuray explained.

    Continuing to listen to the Women of Hope radio programs, Nuray found the strength and help in her life for which she had been searching.

    “In all the darkness, you became a light to me. Thank you so much. I accepted Christ into my life six months ago.” No longer alone, Nuray is learning about God and reaching out to him. “I pray to him every day, and he helps me and strengthens me.”

    Nuray was never taught to read and doesn’t own a Bible. She is thankful because “the radio programs help me to know and learn more.”

    And she is thankful for the Women of Hope radio programs as they continue to teach her about God and how to live this new life in Christ even in difficult circumstances.

    * Name changed for security reasons.