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  • Aug23Fri

    Grateful to You

    August 23, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    “Your programs are like a church for the least fortunate people,” writes a Women of Hope listener in Ukraine. “I hear your lessons, testimonies, songs and poems to the greater glory of God. It makes me rejoice like a child. My heart is filled with gratitude to God and to you. I’m grateful for the chance to pray with my fellow sisters for women who suffer, for girls and orphans who experience abuse, violence, hunger and poverty. May our loving God protect them.”

    In each language in which they are produced globally, Women of Hope programs blend two primary segments – presenting practical information (a “life lesson”) as a guide for day-to-day living and scriptural information (a “soul lesson”) – with creative elements such as music indigenous to that culture. In Ukraine, the result is women who otherwise may feel alone find community through TWR Women of Hope.

    “Thank you for your ministry, dear sister,” writes a second Ukrainian woman, “for the time you put in, the wisdom, open heart and right words you bring. My mother is with the Lord, my relatives far way, and I am surrounded by young children. But you give me so much information, as well as edification!”

    The blessing Ukrainian Women of Hope brings is not just in the words but also in who is speaking them. The life lessons are exactly that: stories from real Christian women who step forward to tell their own life experiences. Instead of merely hearing instruction about how a situation could or should be handled, listeners are able to see themselves in the woman with an alcoholic husband or in the woman who struggles to forgive her neighbour. And that enables them to discover a personal connection with the voices on the radio and helps them feel understood.

    As another Ukrainian listener writes, “I hear your voice, the sincerity of your words, the feeling of love, and I listen to it all with great pleasure. I am grateful to you for this well-organized service, for its music and poetic pieces.”

    (originally published in “The Heartbeat” Vol. 22 No. 1)