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  • Apr21Fri

    Girls Without Homes Still Want To Learn

    April 21, 2017 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Education, Issues Women Face
    Our focus for April 2017 has been on education, and refugees often struggle to find or access education -- especially women and girls. Refugees are five times more likely to be out of school than the global average, and only 50% of refugee children have access to primary education. Only 22% of refugee adolescents have access to secondary education. Over 65million people have been forced from their homes globally, and whether they flee to another country or end up in a permanent refugee camp, chances are good they'll encounter difficulty accessing education.

    Children already struggling with trauma, if they do have access to school, often must try to learn in a language that's foreign to them. If their family moves from one camp or country to another seeking refuge, that difficulty is multiplied. Children without an education, or without access to an education, are more vulnerable to human trafficking, lack knowledge of available social programming or how to access that programming.

    According to the UNHCR, a refugee spends on average 20 years in exile. That’s an entire childhood. In addition to that reality, many of the world’s largest refugee camps are hosted in developing nations. Often a refugee’s primary needs are those first thought of: food, shelter, security. Survival is the goal. Fair enough. Education is increasingly being raised as an issue that needs more attention. Those who have an education are more likely to be resilient, creative, and find hope for a better future.

    Education is largely financed through emergency funds and can lack any kind of long-term planning or strategy. Without access to education, these children will be forced into the same cycle of poverty and displacement their parents struggled with, and it becomes a generational problem.

    One way TWR Women of Hope is helping educate refugees…

    In November 2016, the TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar focused on refugees. Here’s one way one team saw a need and responded.

    “Prayer groups in Turkey are reaching out to refugees, supporting widows with food and clothing, providing Bibles, and holding weekly Bible studies. TWR Women of Hope intercessors are offering vocational training to refugees in Turkey by teaching sewing, embroidery, and doll making to help women gain self-esteem and provide some income for their families. Women are becoming followers of Jesus and joining prayer groups and learning to pray in a personal way to the God who sees and hears them.”
    Our prayers are not in vain and though change is slow, it is happening!

    *All stats from the UNHCR publication “Missing Out: Refugee education in crisis