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  • Jun25Tue

    Finding the Healer

    June 25, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    Susilo* was born into a loving Indonesian family, so when she became ill, her family did all they could to help her. They took her to doctors and traditional healers. They used both modern medicine and ancient cures. But nothing worked. Susilo’s health continued to fade.

    One day, she found the Indonesian Women of Hope audio program. The hosts on the program provided health insights, and she heard about Jesus, the Saviour with the power to heal. Susilo asked her parents to let her become a Christian so she could have Jesus in her life.

    Surprisingly, not only did her parents allow her to become a Christian, but they also joined her in the search for Jesus the healer. They found a pastor and he led them all to Christ. The pastor prayed continually for Susilo, and in time, God brought healing to her body.

    The family rejoiced at this miracle but were forced to move to a location where their new faith incurred less hostility. Thankfully, the radio still reaches Susilo and her family where they are, helping them and friends in a listening group to discover more about God’s Word and how to pray for each other.

    “Thank you, TWR, for leading me to know Jesus more and more,” writes Susilo. “Please pray for me so I will be faithful in following Jesus and do what he wants me to do for his glory. And please pray for me and my family so we can tell others about Jesus.”

    *Name changed for security reasons.

    (Originally published in “The Heartbeat,” Vol. 22 No. 1; picture not actual woman in testimony)