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    February 2018 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    January 26, 2018 by the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    Praying for Women in Southeast Asia

    (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam)

    Beauty is found in Southeast Asia’s rich natural resources and diverse people groups. Unfortunately, many areas do not have proper health care, clean water or educational opportunities for girls, a fact that continues the cycle of poverty and abuse of females. Efforts are being made to raise the awareness of the value of women. However, cultural practices like child marriages and financially profitable human trafficking make it very difficult to stop these horrible abuses. Many women and girls believe they don’t deserve respect and therefore make decisions that lead to destroyed lives. 

    Proper nutrition, safety practices or healthy medical treatments are not common knowledge in remote areas. Often, women do not have the needed information to care for themselves and their children. Information about the cause of pregnancy, development of babies, symptoms of diabetes or treatments for cancer is not available to large segments of the population.  

    Child marriage is still very common in the rural areas of Southeast Asia where there are few job opportunities and girls and education are undervalued. Child marriage often results in early and dangerous pregnancy, families with more children than they can care for and a cycle of poverty.

    Human trafficking destroys lives in Southeast Asia. Brothels are filled with girls who were sold by their mothers to pay off debts, teenagers who accepted job offers to escape the village, young women who were sold by boyfriends and others who were kidnapped. Some of these victims are even taken to other countries, such as China or Cambodia.

    TWR Women of Hope programs, prayer groups, skills training, and health seminars share valuable information with women who have few resources for learning and improving their lives. They are given hope and shown and taught about God’s love. Women and girls in Southeast Asia are learning that they deserve to be respected, valued, and cherished.

    Please pray for …

    1. Women and girls in Southeast Asia to learn that God loves them and desires that they have respect and dignity so they can better provide for their children and honour God with their lives.

    2. TWR Women of Hope workers in Southeast Asia who write, phone, text and visit listeners and give them hope for a better future. Many express how much it means to them that someone cares enough to listen to them.

    3. More radios for listeners in Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam, providing teaching for Christians and the opportunity for millions to hear the gospel.

    4. God to provide a TWR Women of Hope Asia regional coordinator to lead and encourage the women providing the Women of Hope program in 28 languages. 

    5.  More to be done to end child marriages by educating parents and leaders on how this cultural practice destroys lives, harms communities and continues the cycle of poverty.

    6. God’s guidance and wisdom on the Javanese and Indonesian Women of Hope teams (Susi, Wihani, Lilik, Arin, and Dr. Megawati) as they bring good news to women who have little hope. Pray also for the listener-care team (Anis, Ratmini, Dahniar) and Paulina (reports), that God will lead them as they counsel listeners through letters, WhatsApp, SMS, phone calls and visits.

    7. God’s protection on people and equipment at the 47 Indonesian and 21 Javanese local radio stations that air the Women of Hope programs. Praise the Lord for the distribution of radios to women in remote areas, giving them the opportunity to hear God’s Word and learn the truth about Jesus Christ. Many listeners cannot read.

    8. Indonesian women who know little about their health conditions (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, poor nutrition) to find answers and help through the Women of Hope program and health seminars.

    9. Men who are listening to the Women of Hope program, praying for women around the world and educating other men about women’s needs and how to have healthy families and happy relationships. Praise the Lord for pastors who listen to the programs so they can better understand the women in their churches and communities!

    10. Wisdom TWR Women of Hope Myanmar Burmese Women of Hope team members. Pray that the Sgaw Karen Women of Hope program will continue to be made available on media devices even though it is no longer aired on radio. 

    11. Protection and good health for the TWR Myanmar staff and for Women of Hope listeners who have serious medical needs and few resources.

    12. Christian women who live with husbands or parents who are not yet followers of Christ. Ask God to make the women strong in their faith and gentle in their love toward those who are hateful and abusive toward them.

    13. TWR Women of Hope’s Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilocano team members (Eva, Flordeliza, Asuncion, , Maricris, Purther, Nieves, and Crisanto, Max) as they reach out to Filipino women through radio, prayer groups, women’s centers and prison ministry.

    14. Listeners to understand their need for God’s forgiveness and the hope he offers through a relationship with him once they have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). 

    15. Wisdom for TWR Women of Hope staff in the Philippines as they answer the hundreds of text messages they receive each month from young people struggling with relationships and moral decisions.

    16. Navy So, women’s ministry coordinator for TWR Cambodia. Navy is also a prayer-calendar translator and producer of the Khmer Women of Hope program. Praise the Lord for the 100 Cambodian prayer groups, which receive 2,800 monthly prayer calendars delivered by bus, taxi and pastors!

    17. Cambodian mothers who struggle to provide enough food for their children. Pray that local churches would help them develop skills to grow food or make items to sell.

    18. TWR’s Cambodia team to be able to continue visiting and providing health and relationship training to villages that face problems such as domestic violence, gambling, alcohol abuse, divorce and caring for large families.

    19. Women partnering with churches that reach out to Indonesian and Filipino domestic workers in Singapore, seeking opportunities to distribute Women of Hope programs to encourage and teach them in their own languages. Pray also for wisdom in ministering to Singaporean women.

    20. The many Southeast Asian women and children who live in extreme poverty, work very hard and face horrible abuse when they try to provide for their families. Some are even sold into sexual slavery. Pray for ministries that reach out to them and provide safe homes and employment training. “Deliver me, O my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of evil and cruel men” (Psalm 71:4).

    21. TWR Women of Hope’s Thai and Isaan teams (Buakab, Kung, Sasitorn, Withida, Rungtip, Songyuth, Kumpee, and Sunsern) as they reach out to women throughout Thailand, including those in refuge homes and prisons.

    22. The finances to be available to air the programs on more stations in southern Thailand, where they are desperately needed. Praise the Lord for Women of Hope Thai listeners in Thailand and Laos who hear the program on 38 local stations.

    23. The more than 5,000 Thai and Laotian intercessors who pray through TWR Women of Hope’s monthly prayer calendar. Pray for intercessors who are praying in the Isaan language after hearing the requests in Thai.

    24. Women in Laos who live in difficult situations with unsaved husbands or rebellious children. Ask that they will find strength in the Lord. Pray for the safety of our listeners and those who visit them.

    25. TWR Women of Hope’s Vietnamese Women of Hope team and those translating the monthly prayer calendars.

    26. Safety for those traveling to rural villages to distribute Bibles and radios. They also conduct basic literacy courses so more people will be able to read the Bible.

    27. The many Vietnamese prayer groups. Praise the Lord for these groups and for those who have testified that God has done marvelous things as they have developed the habit of praying for others daily. 

    28. More to be done to end human trafficking and punish those who sell girls and those who purchase them. Pray for girls and teenagers who are sold or kidnapped and forced to service men in Southeast Asia, China and other countries.