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  • December 2021

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    In December, we are praising God! Please pray... 

    1. God, we praise you that Romanian churches became more visible online during the pandemic. This allowed them to meet and help people who did not have the courage to enter a church. (Acts 8:4)
    2. We thank you, Father, that the COVID-19 pandemic has made Japanese people think more seriously about life. May they seek you, the true God, for the answers to life. (Isa. 55:10-11)
    3. Father, we are thankful that we can resume the TWR Women of Hope ministry to women at the Buen Pastor prison in Paraguay. Thank you for providing volunteers, materials and donations so we can bring the message of salvation there. (John 16:22)
    4. We thank you, Lord, that 18 women in Liberia chose to accept Christ during their “Go Share” week. We pray that even more will find salvation. (Luke 15:6)
    5. We thank God that we have been able to advance in the production of Hidden Treasures in Spain. "I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth." (Ps. 34:1)
    6. God, we praise you for the 30 faithful volunteers working with TWR Women of Hope in South Korea. Thank you for giving them different talents and for bringing them together to serve you. (1 Cor. 12:4-6)
    7. Father, thank you for bringing comfort to Muslim women in the North Caucasus through the Women of Hope programs. Many have learned to love their husbands, and now their homes are filled with peace and blessings. (Luke 1:68)
    8. We praise you, Father, that the Women of Hope programs in Hindi and Bengali could begin telecasting during the pandemic. Thank you also for providing those in India a way to join in prayer through video and phone calls. (Heb. 10:25)
    9. Praise God that Christians in Lyon, France, can distribute 5,000 Bibles every year during the Festival of Lights in December. Thank you also that many people are asking for Bibles. (Matt. 4:4)
    10. Praise God for the maturity shown by listeners of Women of Hope Tagalog broadcasts in the Philippines as they remain strong in the faith despite the difficulties they are facing from the pandemic. We are also thankful that many listeners say they are blessed by the Word of God through this ministry. (1 Cor. 16:13)
    11. Lord, we thank you that during the pandemic, many Christians in Northern Europe realized that appointments and business meetings are not as important as meeting with you in prayer. (Mark 1:35)
    12. Father, we thank you for the new team you raised in Portugal for the Women of Hope broadcast there and for the possibility of broadcasting these programs on new audio platforms such as Spotify. (Ps. 63:4)
    13. Father, thank you that people’s lives can be more flexible because of working at home during lockdown. This environment is giving Chinese women the ability to live a victorious Christian life through the Holy Spirit. (Ps. 71:8)
    14. Thank you, God, that these difficult times have helped Serbian believers understand you as sovereign. We can trust in you, Lord. (Ps. 71:5)
    15. We praise you, God, for you always hear our prayers. Thank you for the many faithful intercessors in the Faroe Islands and Denmark, many of whom have been praying for several years. (1 John 5:14)
    16. God, we praise you that many people on Bonaire kept their jobs during the pandemic and were able to take care of others. (Ps. 68:19)
    17. God, we praise you for teaching us how to better use technology during the pandemic in Uruguay. Now churches are praying, fellowshipping and having communion together through Zoom. (Isa. 25:1)
    18. Lord Almighty, we praise you that Indonesians can freely share the gospel on social media. Thank you for the new believers who have dared to share their testimonies this way. (Acts 4:29)
    19. Lord, we praise you for Ful Maya Tamang, our new national coordinator in Nepal, and for the new believers who have found hope in you through TWR Women of Hope’s ministry there. (1 Cor. 1:4)
    20. Father, we thank you for Karin, Eva, Kerstin, Helen and Rebecka, some of our faithful volunteers within TWR Women of Hope in Sweden. May you bless the work of their hands. (Ps. 90:17)
    21. Almighty God, we thank you that listeners in Vietnam have found comfort and peace during the pandemic because they learned about your promises through TWR programs. (2 Cor. 1:20)
    22. God, we praise you for the German donors and supporters of TWR Women of Hope’s global ministry. Their consistent support funds Women of Hope programs in various languages. (Gal. 6:9)
    23. God, we praise you that doors of opportunity have opened in Ethiopia for our TWR Women of Hope team to serve the refugees and those displaced from their homes. Bring healing and wholeness to these that need your touch, Lord.
    24. We praise you, Lord, for the reform happening in Finnish churches where prayer, intercession and personal spirituality are becoming increasingly more important.
    25. Thank you, God, for allowing the TWR Women of Hope ministry in Japan to begin this year in March despite the COVID-19 pandemic. (Isa. 55:8-9)
    26. We praise you, Lord, because you have saved the lives of all those who work on the Women of Hope broadcast in Spain during the coronavirus crisis. (Ps. 9:1)
    27. Father, thank you for the Koreans who pray with a sense of mission. We pray that there will be more faithful intercessors like these. (Ps. 66:20)
    28. Lord, thank you for spreading the use of media for evangelism during the pandemic, especially in the North Caucasus, where it is hard to share the gospel openly. (Rom. 8:28)
    29. God, we praise you for your Word, which convinces our hearts. We pray that listeners in India from other religions would be touched by your Word so that they might be saved. (John 6:37)
    30. Lord, we thank you for using the Serbian Women of Hope programs to bring encouragement and comfort to many women. Thank you for giving us social media to bring hope to others. (2 Cor. 1:3)
    31. Lord, we thank you for touching Swedish listeners through The Garden of the Heart. This program has helped many find healing and restoration. (Ps. 9:11)