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  • Mar25Fri

    Celebrating Our Risen Lord!

    March 25, 2016 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Devotional, Women of the Bible

    The Feast of Purim is more of a holiday than a holy day, but it still has much to teach us...

    In the Jewish calendar, the holiday of Purim falls on this week. Do you know where the Feast of Purim originated?

    In the last chapter of the book of Esther, after the Jews were saved from annihilation, it’s recorded that Mordecai sent a letter to all the Jews of ancient Persia instructing them to make a day of feasting and gladness, to send gifts of food to one another and gifts to the poor. They called this holiday Purim because the day of their destruction had been determined by casting Pur or lots (Esther 9: 20-26).

    What Purim teaches us, reminds us of, is the power of prayer.

    When Mordecai and Esther learned of Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews of the ancient Persian Empire (this kingdom extended in modern-day terms from Iran through Afghanistan to the eastern edges of Russia), they were powerless to stop it. Esther was queen, but she did not have the authority to contradict an order from the King. What could they do? They were a minority group in a very big kingdom ruled by a king who had been easily convinced to allow their demise.

    They prayed and fasted.

    We know how this story ends, that through Esther and Mordecai God saved the Jews from destruction. The book of Esther does not explicitly record that God intervened in any way. There were no angel armies, no prophets, no supernatural events. God worked behind the scenes through a woman, primarily, to protect His people.

    This Easter season, we look to Christ on the cross and His sacrifice to offer redemption to all. This is central to our faith, but in the darkest of hours when things look bleak and hopeless -- Purim also reminds us that the prayers of women are heard and are powerful!

    Have a blessed Easter!